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Old 05-13-2016, 04:00 PM
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98 Camaro LS1 common problems/bugs

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Old 08-13-2006, 04:07 PM   #1
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Default 98 Camaro LS1 common problems/bugs

I'm thinking about getting this 98 Z28 with 76,000 miles on it. (M6) I was just curous what are some of the common problems that year had and what i should look for. For instance, what is a good way to tell if the clutch is slipping? I know what it feels like, but how could i test it? Also, do they have any recalls on anything?

I know the 99 mustang cobra's had a recall on 99's and were significantly slower. Do the 98 LS1 Z28's have a problem like this?

Also, is a 98 a bad choice? What are some things i couldn't do with the 98 compared to lets say an 02? Are 98's slower? I know the 01+ Z28/SS's have the LS6 intake which i should get, but anything im missing? I want to make sure im getting a good car and im not going to regret getting an 01 instead or something...This car is priced at 7500. Red and basic everything. Hard top, no power anything...Should be a little quicker not having any of the window motors and being a non t-top.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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I guess I'll address each 'paragraph'.

- An easy clutch test is to be on an incline, in 5th or 6th gear, and try to accelerate. If the rpms rise 'fast' then the clutch is slipping.

- 98's are not bad cars, and are not 'significantly' slower than any other year. You have to realize that they did start using an ls6 intake in the later years (But an LS1 is an LS1)

- 98 is not a bad choice. They are slightly harder to tune than newer cars, however I would not allow this to hinder my purchase of a 98 (especially if its a good deal/low miles)

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Old 08-13-2006, 04:28 PM   #3
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Yup nothing wrong with 98's. Fasted stock LS1 was a stripper 98 Z28.
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...the water temperature gauge actually works too.
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I owned a 98 for awhile, had no problems beating cars of other years. Their heads are a bit different, as well as the intake, so thats where youre going to run into the problem with them making "lower power". 98's are also the only year to have perimeter bolts on the valve covers, as well as metal gas tanks.

Theres also other random things like 2000 and up cars came with better rod bolts and such, but i had nothing but luck with my 98. Took a 150 shot like a champ on top of a cam with 95k miles on the motor.

Just make sure there arent any knocks or anything before you buy it, and i wouldnt buy form someone who you might think may have ragged it out.

As far as the power problems, its nothing a heads/intake swap cant fix, if you were planning on going that route anyway.

also like it was mentioned before......the 98 computers have fewer "cells" to work with when tuning them, so its basically like you cant go into as much "detail". But this is rarely a problem that anyone notices.....

98 cars are also less prone to piston slap.

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the damn trunk/hatch is a pita tho...doesnt have a spring and is stubborn on coming open sometimes...

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Originally Posted by camaroextra
I can not be beat. I can actually go back in time and post.
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Everyone here is correct.

Pretty good overall summary of the '98s.

For even more details on the differences between model years, read this:

1998 Camaro Z28 | 1971 Nova SS-350

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Old 08-13-2006, 07:57 PM   #8
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If you put a healthy stock 98 Z28 on the dyno and a healthy stock 02 Z28 on the dyno, what kind of difference would you see?

Also, since the heads are different, wouldn't the car make less power?

I don't plan on doing any more mods than bolt ons.
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Stock for stock, I think my 98 ran harder than my 01. I sold it to my 17 year old nephew with 120K on the clock. It now has 160k on it and he still hasn't broken it.
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Since the 01+ has a better intake and different cam I think power would be SLIGHTLY higher on the 01 but the main difference would be where it makes power since the 01+ cars build torque at lower rpms.
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the 98's had the biggest cam and injectors
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