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Nitrous Oxide
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Nitrous Questions

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Default Nitrous Questions

I am going to run a maximum of 150 dry shot.

Here is how my setup looks currently:

Nitrous Daves Big Show, Bottle Heater, Halo Spray Bar
TNT F2 Nitrous Noid
RPM Switch, WOT Switch
Racetronix fuel pump with hot wire kit
Iím going to buy the HSW interface

I know Iíll need bigger injectors so what size should I get? I plan on doing H/C in the future if I donít blow my car up.

Also, my A/F ratio on my AEM wideband is reading 11.2-11.3 on my WOT runs N/A. I know this is too rich. Should I get a retune or just deal with it and just use the interface to make the A/F ratio right? What should the A/F ratio be on a nitrous run?
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Your injector duty cycle will determine if you need to upgrade. If you dont have a cam / heads or anything like that then you should be ok, but you still need to check the duty cycle of the injectors. IF you do have to upgrade i'd get a set of 38lb or 42lb injectors.

On nitrous you want the AFR to be around teh 11.5-11.8 range.
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