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I don't know anything about vehicle emissions

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Default I don't know anything about vehicle emissions

Alright, so im looking at putting some headers on my 99 trans am. I've seen guys who dont even have their EGR hooked up to the exhaust. I want to know how they do this, and still get their tags. I think there are programs on tuners or something that can trick the computer? should I get one?
Also, is there a way around O2 sensors if I have a bad cat and planned on gutting it? Or will it still throw a code? I am trying to not spend a ton of money on exhaust (Catylitic Converters=$$) If anything, expanding my knowledge on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
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Where are you located. You have to check your local laws. Here in PA if we drive under 5000 miles a year we do not have to the emissions testing only visual inspection.
I have deleted my egr by just ordering headers without the egr connections. That simple, you just remove all the egr. I then disabled it in the program including alrms with HP tuners.
For the o2s sensors you can delete the rears in the program so they do not throw a code. You will need to keep the front o2s though.

Hope this helps
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