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Exhaust rasp causing KR?

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Default Exhaust rasp causing KR?

I've A-tapped the car about a half dozen times, for a total of about 30 miles worth of logs in varying driving conditions.

I'm not really getting any appreciable KR at WOT (about 0.5 to 1.0 degrees under WOT, where TPS>80 and FTC=22).

But... from about 1800-2800 I am seeing an average of 3.35-degrees of KR on and on-and-ff basis. It doesn't do it every time, but it does show up periodically. Also in the RPM range of 1800-2800 I have an exhaust rasp that is mostly squashed by the Dynomax Ultra-Flo muffler I have - there is still a slight rasp due to the deleted cats.

I think this may be what's causing the KR... but I want some opinions. Please chime in, and let me know any solutions you may have.
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Default Re: Exhaust rasp causing KR?

It could be, to find out for sure, you first need to determine if you're getting real or false retard. There's a good procedure at the link below.


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