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PCM Diagnostics & Tuning
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HP and other vehicles

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Default HP and other vehicles

I see on their site that they are promoting Fords and Dodges. Yet it said that they are still working on the compatibility for these. So at this point, what can Hp do for other makes?

Will EFI live tune other makes?
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currently HPTuners only offer tuning solutions for GM vehicles...their hardware is able to communicate with the different protocols but they have yet to add functional support to other makes.
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At this point I doubt EFI Live will be doing anything except for GM. I wish SOMEONE would could out with a useful editor for the Fords and Dodges. IMHO the stuff currently on the market to support Fords (used in conjunction with a programmer) is trash. Yes you can do tuning, but if you compare it to a top tier editor such as EFI Live or HPT they all come up woefully short. There is a huge market in these 'other' vehicles and anyone who offers a useful tuner for them stands to make a fortune from a business standpoint.
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Dodge. I have said it countless times. That is a market. I work for DaimlerChrysler and there is so much money to be made if it was just available. I am a die hard EFILive guy but if HPT comes out with Dodge support, I'll have to dig it out of the tool box and upgrade my cable as much as I hate to say it.
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