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PCM Diagnostics & Tuning
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Tuning DFI with 1500 CFM 4150 TB

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Default Tuning DFI with 1500 CFM 4150 TB

I keep getting a lean pop( I think thats what it is) only when you go Wide open.

I have disconnected the rear 2 throttle blades and it gets a tiny bit better but still has a pop when you hit it wide open. Any ideas?

How do I increase the "pump shot"? I have tried several things and checked everything mechanical.

This is a new engine, DFI etc is all new to the set-up. It is a 383 LT1 solid roller cam, single plane and accel billet 1500 cfm TB.

Any ideas? I'm lost as to what it could be now...
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There should be a table for rapid tb changes and another table for adding fuel when the manifold pressure drops quickly. These tables act like the power valve/accelerator pump in a carb. Also should be table for wide pe enrichment.
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Post or send me your tune. I'll take a look at it.
My email is edcmat-l1@msn.com
Yes, there are 3 tables that can/will get rid of the lean tip in.
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