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Kooks Holiday Sale - Free Coating or Save a Bunch! - Free Shipping

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Default Kooks Holiday Sale - Free Coating or Save a Bunch! - Free Shipping

Questions? Call us @ 443-730-9428!

Looking to get a new set of headers or exhaust for your LS? Our Holiday Sale is just the ticket! We are excited to help you get your ride outfitted in the best stainless exhaust out there Kooks Headers!

The Background-

Kooks Headers and Exhaust manufactures super premium headers and exhaust from the finest 304 Stainless Steel in Statesville, NC. They have been going strong 50 years now, and have become so pervasive in the industry, than many of cheaper headers on the market are inferior copies of their work.

They offer many options for LS owners!

The Sale-

With this sale, we have the following great deals!

Buy a set of Kooks Headers and matching, Y-pipe, X-pipe, Dual Exhaust, or solo connecting pipes, and we will throw in Airborn 1700 Silver Coating, or any Calico coating for FREE!

To get this deal, just use coupon code freecoatkooks at checkout. This coupon is good for $140 off your order, which cancels out the cost of the coating. Please note the Free Coating coupon code cannot be combined with packages. The Kooks parts must be combined over $1000 in value to get this discount and use this coupon code.

Don't Want Free Coating? Call us @ 443-730-9428 for our absolute best uncoated price. Our phone quotes are always the best price, but if for people who can't call, you can use the freecoatkooks coupon with no coating selected to get $140 off a set of uncoated headers and connecting pipes when buying online.

Fine Print: Combined Header and connection pipe order must be over $1000 in value to qualify. Cannot be used combined with existing package deals to qualify. Free Stage 8 Bolts will only be included if we sell bolts for your application on our site.

Order at the link below or call us @ 443-730-9428

Check out your specific Headers at the links below!

LS F-Body - http://marylandspeed.com/headers-ypipes-c-49_152.html
C7 Corvette- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-2102_2108.html
C6 Corvette- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-and...c-148_226.html
C5- Corvette- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-and...-c-62_168.html
6th Gen Camaro- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-2457_2458.html
5th Gen Camaro- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-1240_1241.html
Chevy SS- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-2152_2162.html
Pontiac G8- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-886_894.html
Pontiac GTO- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-58_153.html
Gen 1 CTS-V- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-acc...c-500_501.html
Gen 2 CTS-V- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-1592_1596.html
Trailblazer SS- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-242_243.html
2014+ GM Trucks- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-2151_2175.html
2013 and older GM Trucks- http://marylandspeed.com/headers-c-470_1479.html

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