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antenna problem

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Default antenna problem

my stupid antenna went out tonight it makes this horrid sound everytime it would normaly go up and down, and is stuck in the "up" position! The sound isnt THAT bad but to me ANYTHING wrong or making annoying noises isnt cool with me. So my first question there anything i can do myself to fix there a way to just "un-plug" it so it just doesnt work...cuz i only realy use my CD player anyway
~my secon question is, if i try to use my radio with the antenna "un-plugged" will it be realy staticy???
~and they make the shorty antenna (looks rubber and isnt power controlled) for the 4th gen TA's...i saw one on a i guess they would but just thot id ask, and where could i get one???
~thanks for any help and sorry if this is in the wrong section

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