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disconnected battery...now idle problems

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Default disconnected battery...now idle problems

Ok well I was in the process of taking out an amp so I disconnected the battery and pulled the amp. I left the amp out and hooked the battery back up. Started the car and immediately it had trouble keeping a steady idle at about 800 or so where it is normally. It stayed around 400 for a few seconds before it got up to normal. I tapped the throttle a little and it reved up and then dropped down to 400 again where it stayed for a few seconds and then back up to 800. Anybody have any ideas what could be causing this? voltmeter reads around 15 if i remember correctly.
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As I understand it, the car has to relearn it's idle speed. Other threads said to drive it around a bit and it should be fine. There is also a "training" sequence you can do. (sorry, couldn't find it back)

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It will be fine.. mine does that when I disconnect the battery for a decent length of time too. Find it kinda neat actually because with the loud exhaust I have the idle is all choppy like its got a cam. Just let it idle a bit until it levels out some then take it around the block varying throttle a bit. it will be fine after you drive it a bit.
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as already said, it's perfectly normal. The computer has some parameters it has to learn per driver. When the power is diconnected for awhile, it allows those learned parameters to be forgotten. The neat part about it, is for the next couple of days, the computer will advance the timing and not be so quick to engauge the emissions programming giving you more power.
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