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Out of state buyer

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Default Out of state buyer

I'm selling a car and have a very interested buyer who is out of state. How do I go about selling a car to someone who is not here in person? I live in Southern Cal and he's in Maryland
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have him send you a check and have him take care of all of the freight for it... i dont see why you can't sell it here what is it?
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I bought mine from TX. I contacted a local mechanic to check it out ($50) and I contacted the manager of his bank directly (phone) and via email before I set-up payment. Then I had it shipped to me by a local carrier.

If he completely trusts you, have him send you payment (cashier's check, not personal check) and help him arrange shipping. Mail him a signed bill of sale and your signed title. Make sure you fill out the odometer part.

If anything raises your suspicion when he's paying you, back out of the deal.

That's all I can think of. I would also PM sercastik since he appears to do alot of this type of business, so he may have more/better info.
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