Kill Story: 1951 Chevy Business Coupe Stomps a Mustang

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Rough 1951 Chevy coupe packs a bottled LS V8, allowing it to walk the 5.0-liter Ford.

This week’s Kill Story was originally shared to the forum in a thread a few years back by “abenitez” from the GOTboostFILMS YouTube channel and it features an absolutely awesome 1951 Chevy business coupe beating up a 2013 Ford Mustang GT. Somehow we have never featured this video, but it is just too good to pass up, with a battered antique Chevrolet walking a modern Ford muscle car.

The Competitors

The video footage is captured from a stock 2013 Ford Mustang GT as it races the 1951 Chevy business coupe from a dig and a roll. Evidently, the Mustang owner challenged the antique Chevy for $100, but it proves to have been a poor decision.

While the Mustang is stock, the 1951 Chevy is obviously far from stock. Under the hood is a 5.3-liter LS V8 fitted with a nitrous oxide setup. We don’t have any details on the engine build, but after watching the video, it is clear that this old school coupe packs some big power.

1951 Chevy Business Coupe Side

Unfortunately, we don’t get a good look at the front end of the Chevy shy of the blurry title shot, but we can see that it has a burned out headlight and plenty of dents along the side – making it an incredible sleeper.

The Racing Action

The video begins with the 2013 Mustang GT and the 1951 Chevy business coupe racing from a dig. The launch seems pretty weak by both cars, but the antique quickly jumps out to a big lead. The driver of the LS-powered machine lifts to let the Mustang catch up, but when the camera car gets alongside the bottled Chevy, the driver hammers down and walks away once again.

1951 Chevy Business Coupe Walks Away

Finally, the two go from a slow roll and as you might expect, the nitrous-fed antique Chevrolet hands the 2013 Mustang GT a sound beating.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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