1970 Chevy Custom Camper Rocks a 500 Horsepower Turbo LS

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This vintage Chevy pickup truck is one of the coolest and wildest LS sleepers we’ve ever seen.

How many times have you seen a beat-up, rusty, old pickup truck pull up next to you at a stop light? Probably many times. But, how many times have you thought about that truck having a turbocharged LS motor with enough ponies to smoke you off the line? Probably never.

This video by the TheHoonigans brings us such a truck. Built by Shear Performance, this orange beauty could make most of our dreams come true. The project started with a 1971 Chevy Custom Camper pickup, and as you can see, things sort of took off from there. According to the owner, the project was going pretty good until they blew a piston!

LS1tech.com Hoonigan Chevy Custom Truck Turbo LS Swap 500 Horsepower

Aside from the beastly LS motor and the differential being welded, the truck’s drivetrain remains stock. After their little piston mishap, they swapped in another engine. Fast forward to today and now the Hoonigan guys have fun with the truck. How much of that was fast-forwarded? Well, they claim that at the time of filming the truck had only been put together for a couple of hours. While the specs are unofficial, the owner’s “butt dyno” estimates around 500-horsepower at the wheels.

Once the formalities concluded the smoke show began. Despite the Hoonigan backyard being fairly small, the Chevy truck utilized every inch to swing the rear end around.
How’s that for an old, rusty truck?

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