Turbo Camaro Wows the Crowd Against Nitrous Foxbody Mustang

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Mustang gets the win, but the Camaro draws all of the cheers from the crowd.

This video comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features an eighth-mile no-prep battle between a 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro and a Fox Body Ford Mustang. The race is tight and the launch is incredible, with the Chevy heading for the sky when the two left the line.

The Competitors

The details on these two wicked muscle cars are short, but we know that the Chevrolet Camaro is fitted with a monster turbo setup while the Ford Mustang is running a nitrous setup through a big dual four-barrel carburetor setup. Both cars are clearly built for drag racing, with suspension and chassis setups that cater to small-tire, no prep action.

Camaro Vs Mustang

The Racing Action

After a decent burnout by the Mustang and an incredible burnout by the turbocharged Camaro, the two machines ease up to the starting line. The engines scream as the two pre-stage and edge forward to light the bottom bulbs. When all of the lights are lit, the green lights drop and both cars rip away from the line.

The Mustang spins the tires a bit, but the Camaro traction is good enough for it to bring the front end way up into the air, nearly sitting the car on the back bumper. Even though the Chevy comes down hard, the driver stays into the throttle and keeps the hammer down, staying side by side with the Mustang.

Camaro Wheels Up

The race is tight, but we see that the Mustang gets the win by a narrow margin – with the win light for the left lane popping as the cars blast past half-track.

We get to watch this exciting race from a variety of angles and with some slow motion, letting us watch the awesome wheels-up launch by this Camaro in amazing detail.

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