Back in Time: Sanctioned Drag Racing returns to Cuba

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We recently saw a preview for a documentary on the return of sanctioned drag racing in Cuba. It’s amazing to see the cars that are still running in that country and to see what guys are capable of building out of those glorious old American Iron cars.


It’s literally like turning back the clock to the 1960s when you enter Cuba. This is because there was a declaration of no new cars sold after Castro took over and made the country into the isolated communist state.


Now, though, as more sanctions are lifted on both its citizens and from the sale and importation from the US, those impeccable old cars are becoming more and more like the Hot Rods of old.


Another sanction that was imposed after a horrible crash in a road race in Cuba was that there to be no more racing. They used the ideals of communism as the reason to ban racing, but now that’s being lifted and it’s no longer about illegal street-racing in Cuba.


While there is still a little push back by the older communists, it seems like Cuba will soon be on its way to regular racing once again after more than 50 years without it.

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