Battle of the Beaters: Turbo Mustang vs Turbo Camaro

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They both look rough as hell, but they are both faster than that.

At this year’s King of the 28’s put on by SPEED FEED, two beaters lined up against each other to see who would win in an old-school drag race at the air strip in Kansas. The only rules were the cars had to run 28×10.5s tires and no wheelie bars. Sounds simple, but these two beaters are anything but that. Beater Bomb Foxbody Mustang vs. F-Body 4th gen Camaro SS street race

It was an amazing run that exemplified the old days of drag racing. No tree, no finishing lights, no timing. Run what you brung and the fastest car wins. In this case, it would be the turbo Camaro by only a fender. The entire event looked like some great fun thanks to the low $100 buy-in and simple tire rule.

Do you think this is what drag racing is missing right now? Simple rules with cars made just to be fast? Sound off!

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