Boosted C7 Corvette Takes on Camaro ZL1 in Crowded Street Race

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Too many cars and cops threaten to end this night early, but we do get one tight race between a Corvette and Camaro.

Despite the many risks, street racing is hotter than ever. And if you don’t believe us, just take a gander at the immense crowd that showed up for the second day of CA2k19, an event documented in this video from Valley Racing. So many people rolled in at once, in fact, that one of the attendees says that he gives it “10 or 20 minutes before the cops show up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even take that long. So the huge gathering of racers is forced to move to a different spot.

That spot happen to be what they like to call “Compton Speedway.” Nestled in everyone’s favorite birthplace of ’90s rappers. So they get to work prepping this particular road, despite the drizzle coming down. With that and the threat of the law out of the way, it’s finally time to get down. And by get down, we mean a nice, tight race between a boosted C7 Corvette and a Camaro ZL1.

C7 Corvette vs Camaro ZL1

Cops and rain be darned, these guys are determined to get off at least one rip. With the side bets out of the way, it’s finally go time. Both cars leave almost simultaneously, but the Corvette out 60-foots the Camaro handily. After that, it’s pretty much a wrap. The Camaro gives it all he’s got, but just can’t catch the Corvette as it leaps to victory.

C7 Corvette vs Camaro ZL1

All-in-all, however, this was a pretty impressive lick for both cars. Especially when you consider the fact that it was raining. There didn’t appear to be any traction issues as a result, and the race was certainly clean. And in the highly variable world of street racing, that’s the best you can hope for.

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