C6 Corvette ZR1 Creates Tunnel Smoke Show

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Most Corvette ZR1 owners won’t drive in mud. This guy does burnouts in it.

This muddy burnout video comes to us from the LsxCalibration YouTube channel, and it features a C6 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 doing a burnout in the middle of the nowhere. In fact, this supercar is roasting the tires through a tunnel flanked by dirt roads, covering the paved surface in mud and making the burnout even easier for the 638-horsepower C6.

Corvette ZR1 Burnout on Dirt

A burnout in the mud

When we first found this video, it looked as though the Corvette ZR1 was doing a burnout on a dirt road. Upon further inspection, it appears as though there is a short span of pavement running through this old tunnel. If you look closely, there appears to be a curb on both sides of the road leading into the concrete tunnel and the surface looks too smooth to be dirt. We are guessing that this desolate dirt road has a short paved section through the tunnel, leading to vehicles tracking mud onto the paved portion and making it look like one continuous dirt road.

Smokin’ C6

Shortly after the video begins, the Corvette ZR1 lurches forward a bit as the driver drops the clutch and the rear wheels begin to spin. As smoke engulfs the car, the camera view jumps to the end of the dark tunnel, letting hear the LS9 roar as it shreds the skins.

After some 20 seconds of stationary burnout, the C6 Corvette creeps forward, continuing to smoke the tires as the car inches through the tunnel. From there, the camera view bounces from the beginning of the beginning of the tunnel to the rear of the car to the end of the tunnel, giving us a variety of angles of this big, nasty burnout.

Once the tunnel is adequately filled with smoke, the C6 Corvette ZR1 races away with the tires still spinning and smoking.

The final few seconds of this video offers us a close-up look at the rear tires of the ZR1, with the inner materials of the tires literally hanging through what little rubber is left. We don’t know how much tread life was left on these tires when the driver started this burnout, but there was none left when he was done.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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