Burnout Friday: LS1 S10 Blazer Shows Off

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ls1tech.com LS1 S10 blazer swap burnout friday video TGIF

An LS1 V8 in a S10 Blazer is a perfect combination for a fantastic tire smoking machine.

This week’s Burnout Friday video features an old Chevrolet S10 Blazer smoking the tires from two different angles. In most cases, a burnout from an S10 Blazer wouldn’t be all that exciting, but this is not your average small sport utility vehicle.

This particular S10 Blazer has been fitted with an LS1 V8, and while we don’t get any details on the build – it sounds like a fairly healthy engine with a little more lope to it than your average LS1. It sounds as though this LS1-powered Blazer is mated to an automatic transmission and a set of gears which caters to drag racing. It also appears as though this Blazer has a roll cage in it, so this little Chevy SUV could be a stunner on the quarter mile, but that doesn’t matter today.

ls1tech.com LS1 S10 blazer swap burnout friday video TGIF

What matters today is that the LS1 S10 is able to do some sweet, smokey burnouts and two of them have been uploaded to YouTube.

In the first video, the LS1 S10 slowly backs out onto the road and away from the camera before coming to a stop, and laying down a pretty solid burnout. The transmission quickly moves from first through second and into third gear, bouncing off of the rev limiter as the SUV moves towards the camera.

ls1tech.com LS1 S10 blazer swap burnout friday video TGIF

In the second video, the LS1 S10 does a quick, short burnout before getting set for another smoke show. On this second run, the burnout is better controlled, with the engine being kept off of the limiter in third gear as the LS1 roars through open headers. Smoke pours from the rear tires as the driver lets the S10 SUV roll forward past the camera – completing the better of the two burnouts.

The sound of this LS1 is half of the fun, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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