Camaro Dueling Drift Action at LS Fest West 2018

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LS1 power is on display as two Camaro SS coupes dance in the burnout area of LS Fest West 2018.

This week’s Burnout Friday video comes to us from the wbr510 YouTube channel and it features two 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro SS coupes playing in the burnout area at LS Fest West 2018. For nearly a minute, these two clean F-Bodies slide around the inside of the tight circle of concrete barriers – completing the symphony of smoke with the sweet sound of the LS1.

Dueling 4th Gens

This video shows two 4th generation Camaro SS coupes playing in the burnout pit, but we only have details on one. The red car is equipped with a Procharger, so it is likely making far more power than stock 4g Camaro SS. It also has low profile rear tires mounted on big, aftermarket wheels, making sliding around the pit even easier.

Dueling 4g Camaro Drifting

All we know about the silver Chevy muscle car is that it has aftermarket wheels, but as the camera follows the red car, we only see the other Camaro when they get close or when it races through the frame. However, while the video never focuses on the silver car, it makes this clip a bit more interesting, as it makes drifting around the box much more difficult for both drivers.

When the video begins, the two Camaros are already sliding around the burnout area. As we watch, the drivers carefully avoid each other and the retaining wall as they build speed before cutting the wheel and kicking out the back end. The supercharged red car spins the tires a whole lot, but it doesn’t create a whole lot of smoke.

That being said, both drivers do a great job of drifting around this tight circle in front of the LS Fest West crowd, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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