Can a Camaro Outrun a Police Car? Here’s the Answer…

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An undercover car makes an appearance at a street race in Guadalajara…and then it all goes sideways.

The latest clip from YouTube channel¬†Cars Across Texas¬†starts off as your typical street racing video. They head down to Guadalajara to catch the action. For the first four minutes or so, it’s nothing special. Mustangs, Camaros, and a motley assortment of vehicles, including a Fiat Abarth, all give it their best shot on an empty stretch of road in Mexico. It’s fun to watch, but at roughly the four-minute mark things change.

The video abruptly ends and we see our dimly lit host from within the confines of his own car. He describes what happened to end the night. An undercover car came around the corner and nearly had a head-on collision with a Camaro. This, and the street racing, made the officer none too happy. He exited his car, drew his gun, and the scene was flooded with additional police vehicles. Then the stories take on a life of their own with reports of a Challenger hitting a pole, but Cars on Texas didn’t get this on video. He ends his video pledging to see what he can find, and find stuff he does.

Camaro Police Chase

Texas_Termi shows the aftermath. This includes many police vehicles, cars about to be towed, and that Challenger stuck face first against a telephone pole. There’s also a Camaro that has no intention of spending the night talking to the law. Watch as he takes a corner and speeds away, and then the viewpoint changes to the camera mounted on the actual Camaro.

Camaro Outruns Police

The Camaro goes dark and evades the police for awhile, but then things get truly sketchy. He comes upon the police who yell at him to stop and he floors it – in reverse! Eventually he turns around and two police cars give chase. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to outrun the police, something we don’t recommend trying, then watch this video. It’s like watching a movie, but this is real life and someone actually pulled this off.

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