You Can Buy This 2005 Pontiac GTO With Just 16 Miles On It

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This GTO has lived all but a few minutes of it’s life under a cover.

How far is 16 miles? A 2013 study found the average American’s one-way commute to work was 25.5 minutes. If you figure a reasonable average speed, that’s probably pretty close to 16 miles for most people. In other words, 16 miles is not far. That makes this 2005 Pontiac GTO for sale in New Jersey with just 16 miles on the odometer one incredible car.


In the AutoTrader ad, the seller claims to have trailered the car home from the dealership in February 2005. After that, they took every precaution to maintain the pristine order of the LS2-powered, six-speed GTO. The engine ran monthly and got one mile added to the odometer annually. In between, the car lived under a car cover with all of the shipping preparations still in place.


One has to feel a little bit for the seller, who has painstakingly cared for this car for 12 years.

We assume the object was to hang onto a collector’s item. However, the asking price of $28,500 surely isn’t making any money back if it was bought near sticker price. Since the original MSRP was in the low $30,000, we figure this is still a losing endeavor when you factor inflation. Even if the owner got a screaming deal, we’ll guess it’s a net loss. Add in that he or she only got enjoy it for one mile every year and you feel a bad that things didn’t work out better for whatever the reason.


With that in mind, maybe you’ve always had a jonesing for the Holden-based GTO. Maybe you didn’t have the money for one 12 years ago. This GTO brings a rare second chance at new-car ownership for a reasonable price. We can hardly predict the collector car market, but maybe it’s even worth it for a new owner to stash this car away for another 12 years.

Whatever the case, second chances at new-car ownership seldom come along so if you want a new GTO, check out the ad here. The seller claims to be willing to trade for an all-original and low-mile Buick Grand National, a Pontiac Trans Am WS6, a Cadillac CTS-V, or 1996 Chevy Impala SS (There’s a steal of a trade!).

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