Both the Challenger and Mustang Now Outsell the New Camaro

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2016 Camaro SS Review - IMG_3229

What’s wrong with the new Camaro? Something has to be, since it’s now in 3rd place amongst the three modern-day muscle cars. Last month is was not only beaten by the Mustang, but also by the — now quite long in the tooth — Challenger. What gives?

Our friends at The Truth About Cars have the sobering statistics. For the month of July, Chevrolet sold 5,520 Camaros. Dodge sold 5,619 Challengers. Ford walked away with 9.565 sales. That’s the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight.

The Mustang makes sense, because it’s a car that’s now being sold globally. Since the Flat Rock production facility can handle the volume, Ford is selling a lot of cars across the proverbial pond. The Camaro still has a North American-centric focus. What is odd, at least to me, is the strong sales figures from the Challenger.

The Challenger isn’t a bad car, and the Scat Pack is a heck of a value. If you want to be king of the road, the Hellcat is where it’s at, though we’ll see if the numbers change once the ZL1 Camaro takes to the streets. When it comes to driving dynamics though, the Camaro is far superior to the Challenger in nearly every way. Of the three, I’m buying the Camaro.

Apparently, though, I’m in the minority.

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