Channel Your Inner Bandit with This Pro Touring 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

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Classic Pontiac Trans Am is clean inside and out, with LS1 power and other modern upgrades.

While flipping through the Pontiac Firebirds listed in the LS1Tech Marketplace, we came across this 1977 Trans Am and quickly fell in love. This car was posted for sale by “Amigo-2k” and if you want a classic Firebird with modern power, this could be your dream car. Although the seller refers to the paint as being “driver quality”, it looks great in pictures and, most importantly, it packs LS1 power and a long list of other upgrades. As a result, this is the perfect car for high-speed summer cruising.

The Introduction

When the OP posted his slick 1977 Trans Am for sale, he provided the following information, in which he was fairly detailed in describing his classic Pontiac muscle car.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

1977 Pontiac Trans Am “Year One” Replica. Born black on black (PHS documentation). Over 10,000 miles since the engine swap (I have owned it for 4 years). Driver quality paint. The car was built to do extended road trips like the Hot Rod Power Tour. Everything on the car works from the factory gauges and clock to the AC and heater. Power steering, brakes (4 wheel disc, upgraded not an option in 1977). Has a complete new interior including seats covers, dash, headliner and carpet. The drivers front floor pan was cut out and replaced with a replacement from Year One. The rear floor pans, axle housing area and trunk are original and rust free. LS1 from a low mileage 2001 Trans Am.

Transmission was replaced 2 years ago with a crate 4l65E from GM (street and strip). Texas Speed MS3 roller cam kit with matching push rods and valve springs. Texas speed LS6 ported oil pump and LS2 timing chain. Pacesetter long tube headers. Engine was refreshed and all new gaskets installed. Tuning was around 405HP at the wheels (I have no dyno sheets, this is what I was told from the previous owner). Custom fuse block in mounted on the firewall. Custom built and balanced driveshaft. 3.73 limit slip gears. Upgraded Sway bars, Flowmaster exhaust with crossover. Duel fans fans one turn on based on engine temp and the other is trigger by a manual switch. Custom LED tail-lights. Fender flares are BRE (Burt Reynolds Edition) from Year One. New fuel tank with drop in fuel pump. Year One 17″ rims. Front springs built for F-body cars with LS engine. Rear tires replaced last year. I have driven this car up to 1000 miles in a week on parts of the Hot Rod Power Tour and the Bandit Run. Again, this is a driver quality car, not a 100k show car. Small cracks in the bumpers, and some paint defects. The car was also featured on “The Car Chasers” on CNBC (before the engine swap).

He also included the video above and all of the images shown here. Although he talks about some paint issues and cracks in the bumpers, those problems don’t show in the pictures.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

The interior looks new because much of it is, and with the relatively new transmission and lightly-tuned LS1, this Trans Am likely drives like a dream whether you are racing around town or cruising down the highway. The engine makes more power than stock thanks to the headers, camshaft and tune, the ride is likely better than that of a stock ’77 Firebird thanks to the late model upgrades and there is no questioning the cool factor of this classic Pontiac muscle car.

For Sale or Trade

The seller is asking $40,000 for this LS1-powered 1977 Trans Am and he points out that it isn’t a $100,000 show car, but based on the pictures compared to similar cars being sold online, this car is priced to sell. There are cars in similar physical condition without the upgrades listed on auction sites for nearly double this price, so if you want a classic Pontiac that rides and drives like a modern muscle car, this might be the best buy online right now.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Also, if you don’t have $40,000 to spend on an old school Firebird, the seller would also consider trades. He would consider other older cars with LS-based engine swaps or he wants a modern muscle car with an automatic transmission and air condition, going so far as to state that this first choice would be a Hellcat car.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

In the long run, this is a gorgeous example of a proper LS1-swapped classic Pontiac that maintains the classic look while introducing modern components under the skin.

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