Chevrolet Performance Shines in Massive No Prep Racing Video

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Experience the thrill of being at a no prep racing event, with plenty of fast Chevrolet cars laying it down.

The “massive” claim in the headline isn’t hyperbole – this is a 90-minute video showing a variety of cars including some wicked Chevrolet models racing at the No Prep Mayhem event at Kansas International Dragway. This video comes to us from the Drag Addicts YouTube channel and if you have ever wondered what it is like to attend a big no prep event, this video offers the experience of being there better than any other we have seen. This includes the lengthy staging process and all of the time-consuming activities that go on between each run.

No Prep, Small Tire Racing

The odds are good that if you are reading this, you are at least somewhat familiar with no prep and small tire racing. No prep racing is intended to loosely replicate street racing on a drag strip, so the track crew doesn’t prepare the track like they would on the average racing night. As for small tire racing, this is a class of cars that don’t go the tubbed route – generally relying on something like a 10-inch tire to get down the track with monster power.

1g Camaro Burnout

When you have an event combining no prep and small tire racing rules, you end up with an assortment of 8 to 10-second cars on skinny tires, a slick track and insane amounts of power – making for some thrilling drag racing action.

Highlights of the Video

This video is nearly 90-minutes long, so we won’t talk you through the whole thing, but we will highlight some of the key races with Chevrolet products.

4g Camaro Burnout Box

Around the 9:30 mark, an early 4th generation Camaro takes on a Mazda RX7, and while the Chevy gets out strong, the noisy little import takes the win.

Starting around the 13-minute mark, a gorgeous Nova takes on some variety of race truck. The two head down track side-by-side with both powerful machine struggling for traction, but the pickup gets the win.

At the 38-minute mark, a rough-looking 3rd gen Camaro takes on a clean Mustang, but the Chevrolet shows that looks don’t matter – getting to the finish line first.

3g Camaro Vs Mustang

Again, this 90-minute video has scores of drag strip passes, so if you are looking to kill some time until the work day ends, grab a snack, a drink, maybe some headphones and enjoy this no prep, small tire racing action.

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