Chevrolet Racing Caught Testing 2015 IndyCar Body Kits

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Well, that didn’t take long. With the IndyCar season done for 2014, and very early we might add, it seems that Chevrolet Racing isn’t waiting to test out the new 2015 “Body Kits” for the Dallara DW12 chassis. However, in GM fashion, Chevrolet Racing is playing it down a bit.

While these were not captured by a professional photographer, nor are the images of any great quality to really tell what’s being tested and fitted, it does show that Chevrolet Racing is taking the body kit enhancements seriously.

What can be seen, though again not well, are sculpted front wing end plates, multiple front and rear wing elements, new engine cover design, and some work on the nose cone of the chassis. The side pods have also changed, but have stayed within the requirements of the inlet and ducting work mandated by IndyCar.

So, what has Chevrolet Racing had to say about these leaks? Downplay. Chris Berube, Program Manager for Chevrolet Racing’s IndyCar effort, had this to say to

“We are very excited about the first ever Chevrolet aero kit and look forward to unveiling it to the fans in unique ways early next year once the final homologation is completed. Prior to that we are focused on the final development phase where we transition to track testing with the goal of validating the performance and reliability of the new designs.”

Berube continues, “The Chevrolet aero kit represents a significant investment of resources in a competitive arena, and as such requires discretion to maintain any unique advantage our designs may contain. We recognize the enthusiasm from the fans in wanting to see and know the details now, but the time to unveil will be here before you know it.”

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