Owning Corvette Z06 in France May Get You Carjacked?

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The C5 Corvette Z06 is an incredible car and the LS6 V8 screams America. In France the Corvette stands out and others may try to take it from you?

In France, large displacement is a dirty phrase. The nation is very concerned with the air quality and has a plan to ban gasoline powered cars in the future. Cars on the road there are mostly small and utilitarian. They use tiny economical diesel and gas engines to conserve fuel. In fact, the driver license system puts limitations on younger drivers, They are only able to drive cars under 100 horsepower. So, how to you think the French people would react to a 5.7 liter, 505 horsepower, all American V8 roaring through their quiet countrysides?

c5 Z06 carjacked in france

In this video, YouTube channel VinWiki interviews an American car loving Frenchman named Boz, and finds out just how the French feel about our cars. He tells tales of taking the LS powered Z06 to Germany and enjoying all the power on the Autobahn. He hit 190 mph and was just really enjoying the car. Boz spent two or three days enjoying Germany and the wonderful open roads. On his way home, very late at night, he got a knock on his window at a traffic light. His windows had dark tint and he could not see out. So, he rolled down the window and found a gun pointed at his face.

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He did not want to give up the Corvette. Boz was arguing with the thief, when a pair of off duty Police officers jumped the carjacker. So, with the Corvette carjacking avoided, the officers told him to go home. Not report, no charges, they just gave the thief a proper beating. Check out the video to see what happens with the thieves come back and find his garage. Will the Corvette be safe or will it end up on a boat to Africa? Let us know in the comments if would you drive a Z06 in France.

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