Dart Unveils Aluminum “LS Next” Engine Block

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Dart Machinery is again playing ball in the big leagues thanks to yet another aftermarket LS engine block, only this one is aluminum and weighs 108-pounds less than its steel counterpart. The LS Next block is said to address downfalls found in the stock blocks, like high-RPM windage concerns and it features such upgrades as extended cylinder bores that not only accept 6.125-inch connecting rods and a 4-inch stroke, but also resolve ring-sealing problems on long-stroke combos. The new block also features a priority-mains oiling system.
Here’s what Dart has to say about its LS Next block:

The LS Next block was the first to correct rampant internal oil leaks. It was also the first to introduce a stepped bore to maintain oil pressure in the main galley. The first to remove the crankcase skirts, which not only improve windage troubles (eradicating severe turbulence within the crankcase at high revs) but also it allows the cylinders to be extended. “What could be more appealing,” asks its creator Richard Maskin, “Tackling the challenge of windage while at the same time improving ring seal.”Race engine builders will appreciate extended cylinder bores that allow a 6.125in con rod and a four-inch stroke to operate while the piston remains squarely in its bore. They will also be comforted by the introduction of Dart’s proven priority-mains oiling system,
which ensures lubrication reaches the crank and rods first.More encouragingly, standard LS components are compatible with the Next block. Featuring a standard deck and head bolt pattern, the LS cam and stock oil pump and all other components are accommodated. Steel main caps are featured with 7/16in bolts properly splayed to take anchor in the safety of the block’s more reinforced areas.Other key innovations that define the characteristics of this new aluminum engine are the installation of Darton’s finest nodular-iron cylinder sleeves. And to facilitate a full kick-out oil pan the block is equipped with dual starter mounts, allowing the starter to be
mounted either side. Dart’s aluminum Next engine block is available in deck heights of 9.240 to 9.500in and ready for immediate delivery.

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