Drag Race: 1500HP LSX CTS-V Hits 190 in the ½ Mile

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This Cadillac CTS-V sedan fitted with a turbocharger LSX hits 190 miles per hour in the ½-mile, allegedly making it the fastest CTS-V in the world.

This video features a wicked Cadillac CTS-V competing at a WannaGoFast half mile event. These half mile events aren’t so much about who gets to the finish line first as much as it is who lays down the bigger trap speed. While the boosted CTS-V appears to get to the finish line second in each of the two races – it hits a bigger top speed on each run.

The video begins with a few shots of the car from different angles, followed by a short interview with the owner and/or driver of this Cadillac CTS-V. This Caddy sedan has an LSX engine fitted with a pair of 7275 Precision turbochargers, which allow this CTS-V to produce somewhere in the area of 1,500 horsepower. More impressively, all of that power is sent to the rear wheels via a built manual transmission and with a full leather interior, the turbo parts and the roll cage – it likely weighs more than a stock Cadillac CTS-V.

LS1tech.com 1500HP LSX Cadillac CTS-V 1/2 mile race

Unfortunately, the driver of the V is running into some clutch problems on the run, so he has to go a little easier than he would like, but after easing the car through the first three gears, this Cadillac is pushed wide open in 4th gear. At that point, the driver has to work to keep the CTS-V straight as it spins the tires at speeds which are likely well over 150mph.

On the first run, the Cadillac runs against a Lamborghini and while the all-wheel drive exotic gets off to a big head start, the boosted luxury sedan keeps the race close on the big end. The Lambo runs a 190.19 while the Caddy runs a 190.003.

On the second run, the V runs against a Nissan GTR and once again, the AWD supercar takes and early lead but this time, the Caddy is a whole lot quicker on the big end – running a 190.35 to the Nissan’s 187.18.

According to the video, running 190mph+ two runs in a row officially makes this Cadillac CTS-V the fastest of its type in the half mile and even if that record doesn’t stand today, it is still an incredible machine.

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