Dyno Wednesday: LS7 Fiero Reminds us of What Could’ve Been

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In a lot of ways, the Fiero was way ahead of it’s time. It was a relatively inexpensive, well handling, mid-engine car. Even it’s production was weird: GM didn’t even want to build the thing until it was pitched by their young designers as a fuel efficient commuter. They built it, eventually, but it was stuck with the crappy “iron duke” and a┬ámarginally┬ásuperior V6. Eventually, it fell prey to the bean counters and was squashed.

But what if it wasn’t? What if, by some miracle, GM had actually given a damn about the plucky little sports car and gave it some power. The MR2s and ┬áPorsche Boxsters of the world would have a hell of a time contending with a Fiero with some chutzpa. This is the car that should’ve existed.

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