Hayabusa-Powered Golf Cart Lines Up Against Chevy’s Finest

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LS V8 power, perhaps unsurprisingly, isn’t enough to hang with this very odd golf cart-turned-drag build.

Believe it or not, there are some vehicles out there that just can’t handle an LS under the hood. Is it impossible to build an LS-powered golf cart? Of course not, but it would take a level of engineering and fabrication work that most shade-tree mechanics just don’t have. Instead, we’ll have to make do with this Suzuki Hayabusa-powered cart.

So when an LS doesn’t fit, people tend to turn to the inline-four from the Hayabusa sportbike. In stock form, the ‘Busa can come close to 200 miles per hour. But after nearly 20 years on the market, the Suzuki engine has made its way into plenty of four-wheeled vehicles. And in this case, it’s under the seat of a golf cart. One that’s able to embarrass some seriously powerful cars.

BigKlieb34's Hayabusa-powered golf cart.

The cart is run by BigKlieb34. If you’re a Chevy fan, you’re probably familiar with him. This YouTuber has owned a Z06 and has a seriously fast Silverado. Needless to say, he’s a fan of the LS, and if he could’ve dropped one into this cart, we’re sure he would have.

Instead, we see his ‘Busa-powered beast absolutely tearing it up. At first sight, we see the cart practically leap off the dyno, and we would love to see what kind of numbers it puts up. Under its fiberglass body, it doesn’t really resemble any golf cart you’re likely to see on the links. Up front, it looks like it’s running a serious front suspension.  It’s also fully caged and has a massive wheelie bar out back.

Actions louder than words

Since there’s no dialogue, we don’t get anything like power numbers or top speed. But on a dyno run, we see the needle get buried in the stock Suzuki speedometer. Hilariously, it’s mounted over the stock golf cart cup holders. And then there are the quarter-mile races, and it gets even better.

BigKlieb34's Hayabusa-powered golf cart.

In short, this cart slays. We see it absolutely destroy a new Mustang GT, a C6 Corvette, a Cadillac CTS-V, an older Mustang GT, a Nissan GT-R, and even a stock Hayabusa. The best part: He gives most of the cars a head start.

This is the kind of lunacy we’d like to see more of in racing. Watch this video and try not to smile.

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