Hoonigan GTO Ute Gets Holly Hi-Ram Intake and Sniper EFI

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Hoonigan puts a Pontiac GTO LS1 in a Holden Ute. Then they add a Holly hi-ram intake, Sniper EFI, and Nitrous to the stock motor. What could go wrong?

The crew over at Hoonigan are building an awesome widebody GTO Ute. The project started with a well used 2004 Pontiac GTO and a Holden Ute chassis. In this Daily Transmission video, shop mechanic Brian Darnall goes over the work he has put into swapping the right hand drive Ute to left hand drive. He had to swap the dash and wiring components move over from the GTO to the Ute. The electronics and wiring is one of the most difficult jobs. Luckily, Darnall has most of the electronics working on the GTO dash.

Now onto the engine, Darnall has stripped the ls1 motor down in preparation of adding all the Holly parts.  Then, they remove the factory valley pan and knock sensors. In order to prep the engine, the crew buys a comically large amount of brake cleaner. Then they add the new billet valley pan to the motor and the cast aluminum high ram Holly ram intake manifold. The intake is so tall the hood must be be cut out to accommodate it. On the front of the intake they add the Sniper EFI throttle body.

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The intention of this intake setup is to add a nitrous system down the line. Then they are adding a wide-body kit to the Ute in preparation for SEMA 2017. We at LS1Tech.com are excited about the project and can’t wait to see what the Hoonigan crew plan to do with this monster in the future. We also still wonder why General Motors was unable to bring the Ute to the US. So, tell us what you think of this build?

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