President Obama: Can You Even Drift, Bro?

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No, that’s not me asking President Obama if he can drift, but him asking you if you can, because apparently, his very own Secret Service limousine driver can do a mother-lover of burn-outs around Lime Rock Park—in reverse.

Popular YouTuber and online gamer, Don Joewon Song recently uploaded one of the most entertaining videos you’ll see to ever take place on Forza Motorsports. Not only does the video feature what looks like a stretched Cadillac ATS or CTS with a Presidential livery, but then goes on to drift around Lime Rock Park racetrack. And he does the whole thing in reverse.

With the new “Beast” due for a redesign, its unclear whether it’ll feature a Cadillac sedan or Escalade front-end, specially since the current vehicle is built on a truck platform anyway.

Thanks, Obama!

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