ProCharged 1,200 HP Pontiac GTO Takes on the World

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Impressive lineup of rides is capped off by a heavily supercharged Pontiac GTO, some Corvettes, and a CTS-V.

These days, it feels like the reborn Pontiac GTO is somewhat of a forgotten ride. And that’s a real shame, given how incredibly cool and capable it is. So when we came across this video from StreetScienceTX, the orange GTO that participates in some street racing was obviously the first thing that caught our attention. The fact that there’s also a couple of Corvettes and a turbocharged Silverado is just a big added bonus.

The first race goes down between a pair of twin turbo rides — a C6 Z06 and Dodge Viper. The Viper jumps out to a quick lead, but the Corvette reels him in with the quickness. Next, we get to see our F1X-charged GTO take on a ZR1 pushing out a claimed 870 hp. Unfortunately, the Pontiac driver misses a gear and loses this one in the worst way possible. Well, except for maybe crashing.

Pontiac GTO

Thankfully, he doesn’t make the same mistake again while running the 900 hp Silverado. The GTO pulls away with ease and lays the gap upon the powerful pickup. Not once, but twice. The Pontiac wraps things up by running pretty even with a FBO Mustang GT500. A 1,000+ hp CTS-V makes up for that mediocre showing by putting a few cars on the Ford to end the show.

Pontiac GTO

Overall, our hero GTO had an up and down night. But we’re just happy to see at least one of these cars out there doing some racing. And we look forward to seeing it do even better the next time around!

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