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Supercharged LSX-swapped BMW M3 Goes Drifting

Ls1tech.com BMW M3 E90 E93 LSX Supercharged French Drift

A German car, with an American heart being driven sideways by a Frenchman. Perhaps that’s the secret to success, because this LSX BMW M3 looks so fun.

  Comments | By - December 22, 2017

Drifting A LS1 Swapped E36 BMW Till It Breaks

ls1 swapped e36 bmw

The mighty LS1 V8 can make anything better, even a BMW.

  Comments | By - December 21, 2017

Drifting + Corvette = DRIFTVETTE

c5 corvette driftvette

The Corvette is a powerful, rear wheel drive, sports car, with a limited-slip rear differential, but does it make a good drift car?

  Comments | By - November 23, 2017

Andrew Attalla’s LS-Powered BMW E46 3-Series Drifter

LS1tech.com Andrew Attilla LS1 E46 BMW 3-series Drift Car Pro Am Formula Drift D1 Build Profile Justin Banner

That feeling when the LS1 fits inside the engine bay better than the original straight-six did.

  Comments | By - September 15, 2017

LS-Swapped Everything at Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day 2017

ls1tech.com 2017 nitto tire auto enthusiast day formula drift matt powers LS-swap S14 240sx Alex Heilbrunn E46 M3 BMW Vaugn Gittin Jr RTR Mustang F-150 EcoBoost

The LS V8 is still the king when it comes to engine swaps, Auto Enthusiast Day 2017 reaffirms it.

  Comments | By - August 16, 2017

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