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HOONIGAN Drives (and Breaks) an 1,100 Horsepower 1988 Mazda RX-7

LS1tech.com HOONIGAN 1100HP RX-7 LSX horsepower

Twin-Turbo LSX RX-7 magnificently walks the line between drift and drag car. HOONIGAN’s Daily Transmission includes some highly entertaining videos that catalog builds, people, and hooning. Lots of hooning. On this episode, the Daily Transmission host meets up with Will Tetro’s beastly 1,100-horsepower 1988 Mazda RX-7. Like so many RX-7 fans, Will dispatched with the […] More »

  Comments | By - June 8, 2017

LS-swapped Mazda FC RX-7 Looks Like a Laugh and a Half

ls1tech.com Mazda FC RX-7 RX7 LS swap LS1 T56 rotary review info

An LS-swapped RX-7 is about as much as you can have without taking your clothes off. The Mazda RX-7 is a great handling little sports car. However, for this “FC” generation RX-7, it was in desperate need of more grunt. With it’s naturally-aspirated rotary engine, it produced 160 horsepower. That isn’t awful for a 2,600 pound […] More »

  Comments | By - March 20, 2017

LS1 Powered RX-7 Spins Donuts in Mexico!

Only two things are known for sure about this superb video. First, it was filmed somewhere in Mexico. Where? I have no idea. Secondly, we know the monster that you see tearing donuts on the asphalt is a Mazda RX-7. Well, to be more specific, it is an LS1 powered, turbocharged RX-7. Even just hearing the […] More »

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