Take a Rocket Ride in an LSA Powered Exocet

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Do you want to scream like a little girl? Do you have a natural aversion to going straight in a car? Do you think windshields are just the man’s way of killing your liberty? Well then, have we got the perfect car for you. What we have here is called the Exocet. It is a kit car that uses a tube frame and Miata suspension components to build a great little track day car.

Normally, you’d also take the engine out of the Miata and slap it into the front of the Exocet, however, that’s not exactly what the company did. To showcase the adaptability of the Exocet program, the company strapped a supercharged LSA V8 into the front. Complete with 556 horsepower, and weighing in at only 1,900 lbs. That means 0-60 takes just 3.5 seconds, given that you’re able to put the power down and not light the rear tires up like Christmas.

To put that supercharged hellion into better perspective, here’s the LSA powered Exocet trying to stay straight on a racetrack. Enjoy.

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