Throwback Thursday: Homemade C6 Corvette Ad with a Sexy Girl

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This privately made C6 Chevrolet Corvette ad includes all of the essentials of a great sports car commercial – including a sexy car on a twisty road and a sexy young lady in need of a ride.

Over the past 60+ years, General Motors has made a great many Chevrolet Corvette commercials, but private owners and hobbyist videographers have often made their own marketing videos to showcase the original American supercar. This week’s Throwback Thursday segment features one such video, with a C6 Corvette commercial created by a guy named Blake Mott.

In this privately made Corvette commercial, a red C6 is on display while it cruises through a twisty, desolate road. You will note the Z06 badges on the fenders, but unless this car has the wrong front fascia, it is actually a base C6 Corvette with Z06 badges – not a real Z06. Some viewers might gripe about the “fake Z06”, but if we ignore the incorrect badges, this is a pretty cool Corvette commercial. sexy girl c6 corvette ad

The video begins with some quick beauty shots of the red C6 Corvette followed by moving footage of the Chevy sports car is it slips along the twisty road. At the same time, a lovely young lady in a short dress and high heels is wandering along that same road, which is odd, considering that they are in the middle of nowhere. The Corvette approaches her, revs a few times and appears to blast past as she watches the car drive away.

However, as the video ends, we see the lovely young lady enjoying the view of the desolate area from the passenger’s side window of the C6 Corvette before closing the window and racing off into the sunset.

If we had to guess, we would say that this is a school project of some sort for this Blake Mott and while we don’t love the Z06 badges on a base C6 – this Corvette commercial would have gotten an A in my class.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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