Twin Turbo F-150 and Boosted Camaro Go Dancing on a Slick Track

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F-150 Lightning is a ‘Fireball,’ just like its infamous pilot’s other race car.

The video above comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features a battle on a slick track between a first generation Chevrolet Camaro and a first generation Ford F-150 SVT Lightning. The Lightning is piloted by Ryan Martin, who also drives the Fireball Camaro that has become well-known in the no-prep racing world, which is why this F-150 sports the Fireball name.

While Martin spends most of his racing time beating people in his 5th gen Camaro race car, in this video, he is in a Ford truck taking on a red Camaro. While Chevy fans won’t enjoy the outcome of this race, Fireball and Ryan Martin fans should enjoy this clip from the recent No Prep Kings event at Maple Grove Raceway.

Ryan Martin Ford F-150 Lightning

The Competitors

Unfortunately, there is no information included with this video and in hunting around online, we were unable to identify the first generation Chevrolet Camaro in the near lane. The video title states that it is boosted and the intake setup poking through the hood supports that claim, but we don’t know anything else about the antique muscle car-turned-race car.

Boosted First Gen Camaro

In the far lane, we have the first generation Ford F-150 SVT Lightning of Ryan Martin. While there are plenty of discussions about this truck online, there is no hard data on what is under the hood. In pictures, it appears to be a big block Ford V8, but all we know for sure is that it has a massive twin turbo setup mounted just behind the removable front end. Is also has substantial chassis work along with huge rear wheels and tires, making this truck a drag strip beast.

F-150 Vs Camaro Staging

The Battle

The video begins with the Lightning and the Camaro each doing a big, pro-style burnout before backing up to the starting box and preparing for the race. After both vehicles stage, the green lights drop and the F-150 is the first to launch, lifting the front wheels off of the ground as it leaves the line.

F-150 Wheels up Vs Camaro

The Camaro is a bit slow with the launch, but it also pulls the front wheels and begins to chase the twin turbocharged truck. Unfortunately, around the 330-foot mark, the back end of the Camaro kicks out, the nose points towards the outside wall and the driver lifts. This allows the Ford truck to race to victory. Although, we can see that the F-150 also runs into traction troubles on the top end.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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