TX2K17 is Happening Now: Can GM Products Best the 1320?

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Fastest cars in the country headed to Houston: It’s time for the TX2K17.

The infamous TX2K17 is happening this weekend. Some of the fastest cars from across the country are headed to Houston, Texas to see who has what it takes to be the fastest, on the street and on the strip.

For the uninitiated, every year, the fastest tuners in the country bring their biggest, baddest drag and straight line cars to Houston, Texas to compete. The TX2K has been happening for years, getting progressively crazier each time. Sanctioned racing happens at the quarter mile drag strip from today to Sunday. However, the real action, and infamy of the event is what happens after hours on the freeway. TX2K17 will feature the craziest street racing of any event in North America this year, guaranteed. Anecdotally, it’s said that you shouldn’t bother to show up if you aren’t making at least 600WHP, and that’s if you want to run in the back of the pack. Watching these insane cars try to hook up on the streets is pure madness.

What can we expect? Turbocharged everything, is the short answer to that question. Twin-turbo Lambos and Audi R8’s; boosted Vipers; blown Corvettes; Supras; compound-charged Ford GT’s; Godzilla, the list goes on and on. The big dogs are bringing in more than 1,500whp there days.

The official schedule can be found here. The unofficial schedule…Stay tuned for that.

1320video has been livestreaming the first day’s events and it looks bonkers. However, the real action will be starting tonight, likely around midnight. Stay tuned as we bring you more coverage from the event as this weekend unfolds.

LIVE – 1000-2000 Horsepower Cars ROLL RACING @ TX2K17

Posted by 1320Video.com on Thursday, March 16, 2017

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