Vengeance Racing ProCharged Camaro ZL1 Runs Deep in the 9s

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Despite a claimed 4,242lb curb weight, Vengeance Racing Camaro ZL1 hooks and books it to 152.78 MPH trap speed.

The sixth-gen Camaro ZL1 is fast, we already know that. It products 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, after all. However, leave it to tuning firm Vengeance Racing to turn the metaphorical dial to 11. Actually, make that 1,100, as in 1,100 horsepower, courtesy of their VR1100 package. That mega power comes courtesy of a ProCharger F1A-94 blower, a Vengeance Racing heads and cam package, a custom intake manifold with secondary port-injection conversion with supporting fuel system and tuning mods, and some supporting mods (see: headers, intake, and exhaust).

This customer-owned ZL1 has been bestowed with said VR1100 package, and is at Orlando Speed World dragway to work out just how fast it really is. Despite being dubbed the “Cadillac Attack” event, this heavy Chevy was putting the hurt on all challengers.

Despite coming in a rotund 4,242lb weight with driver, this Vengeance Racing-built ZL1 was consistently running mid-9-second passes all day, with trap speeds in excess of 150 MPH. This full-weight street car was also clicking off consistent 1.5x 60′ numbers on what looks like an 18″ wheel and drag radial.

Vengeance Racing Camaro ZL1 VR1100 Package Drag Race 1/4 Mile

Interestingly, there is no mention of any upgrades done to the transmission. It’s clearly an automatic, based on the sound of the driver riding the stall when launching, but beyond that, it’s a mystery shifter. Though, if the stock transmission is holding 1,100 horsepower (and presumably 1,000+ lb-ft of twist), that’s very respectable.

We always look forward to seeing how far comfy, street cars can really be taken, and we hope to see this Camaro ZL1 driver cracking 8-second passes while sitting in air-conditioned luxury, soon.

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