Watch a Camaro Show Off and Shame a Mustang

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LS1 Donuts

It just seems fitting that at some point we would cover the best type donuts that a car can perform, and by that we mean donuts that shame another ride. We’ve already covered a LS3 1970 GSX spinning rings around a Toyota Prius, but today we’re going to take it up a notch and show something even better — that is, a fourth generation Camaro leaving skid marks as it twirls around a parked Mustang!

The whole video takes place in a relatively empty parking lot, with the Mustang parked only a little ways from one of the islands in the asphalt. Still, the driver of the Camaro seems to have no trouble humiliating the pony car as it goes around and around, asserting it’s dominance.

What could possibly be better than a Camaro showing what its got and throwing the Mustang to the sidelines? We’re sure we’ll find something eventually, but for now this is pretty satisfying. We’ll ignore the fact that the Mustang actually belonged to the cameraman and say that he surely must believe his ride sucks if he allowed this to go down!

Check out the video below and see this Camaro show off!

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