Your Eight-Second Camaro is Waiting in the LS1tech Marketplace

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Big Block Camaro Project in Trailer

Add an engine, transmission and finish the chassis work and this Camaro is ready to rule the drag strip.

If you have a big block Chevy V8 sitting in your garage and you have been dreaming about building a 4th generation Camaro drag car, we have some good news for you. The car that you have been dreaming about is 80% complete and it is for sale right now in the LS1Tech Marketplace. The car is listed for sale by “kramerpower” and it appears that the majority of the hardest work is done. You just need to provide the drivetrain, finish up the body and chassis assembly and go racing in a car engineered to run in the 8-second range.

The Introduction

When the OP first posted his 1995 Chevrolet Camaro race car for sale in the marketplace, he posted a ton of information. We generally list the modifications to a built car, but he appears to have listed literally everything that has been upgraded in this car and it is a long, long list. You can read through the whole list in the original sales post, but here are some key aspects of the build.

Big Block Camaro Project Rear

1995 Camaro with 2002 front end w/ clear Title (VIN listed is not accurate but I can supply to serious buyers)
CM full round tube back half full cage (no funny car cage) with bars going to front
Built to certify to 8.50 very minor welding left to be done (two gussets at top of cage and one bar fitted and tacked that needs final welding)
4 Link Rear and Stock front suspension
All Factory interior dash, center console and plastics retained for Stock look
Doors have power windows and locks
New Fabricated 9″ with wishbone track locator and anti-roll bar, wheelie bar brackets
35 Spline Axles 5/8″ studs
New Complete 4 wheel Wilwood Brakes with master cylinder w/mount for factory location and New Line Lock
Fiberglass Sunoco Hood and Rear Bumper

Big Block Camaro Project Front

He also went into elaborate detail as to the upgrades to the chassis and suspension, while highlighting some other features like a Powerglide transmission mount, a big block Chevy mounting plate, lightweight racing seats and the wheels and tires.

Big Block Camaro Project Rear Axle

No Engine or Transmission

While this 1995 Camaro needs to have some aspects of the body and chassis buttoned-up, the biggest “need” for this drag car is an engine and transmission. While some of the pictures show an engine sitting in the engine bay, the ad makes no mention of engine details and it says that you can also buy a set of big block headers. The lack of engine or transmission details, coupled with a price of just $10,500, would lead us to believe that this car comes as a roller.

Big Block Camaro Project in the Sun

As mentioned above, it is built and set up for a big block Chevy V8 and a Powerglide transmission, but that is easy enough to change. For someone who has some welding skills, a built big block and a Powerglide sitting around, this car could make for a fairly simple winter project that would result in a pretty nasty 8-second 4th generation Camaro.

Big Block Camaro Interior

Click here for a closer look at the details along with many more pictures of the car from every angle, inside and out.

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