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Many recent pics of my MTI 427 built, tuned 427 C5R 98 A4 C5 Vert for sale!

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Default Many recent pics of my MTI 427 built, tuned 427 C5R 98 A4 C5 Vert for sale!

Finally got some great shots of my C5R MTI built 427 98 C5 point & shoot A4 C5. Here's the link and go to the very bottom group of pictures which say MTI 427:
Guys the buy price right now in the spring market is $36,500 and here is a detailed look as to what a steal this is and what it would cost to duplicate a 10 sec reliable N/A street C5 like my car is that would do 200 miles an hour also (if you had the sack to go that fast) on a stock body:

1. Stock 98 pewter black auto matic roadster in excellent conditon like my car is in and out would be around $23,000.00 in this spring market. Guys/Gals, as you can see this car is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, for a 98 that has a very reasonable 39K miles on it. (running total=$23,000)

2. MTI built, tuned and installed 427 C5R Z06 LS6 motor (the exact same motor that won the one lap of america in 2003 (minus the 75 shot of N20 the one lap car and seperate dry sump oiling system), utilizing the absoulute best LS6 engine components that $ can buy, starting with the brand new C5R block, Lunati forged steel 4.00 crank, comlete ARP fasteners (rod bolts & head bolts-heads can be pulled on and off all day long), Jessel SS Rocker Arms &:

Lunati Billet steel connecting rods at 6.125" length
Custom Wiseco 11.25:1 forged aluminum pistons measuring 4.125 diameter
Childs & Albert Plasma Moly piston ring set
Clevite bearings

MTI stage III head
Ferrea severe duty 1 piece stainless valves
Custom stainless valve seats to accomodate the oversized valves
Isky 6205 double valve springs
Bronze valve guides
Custom built titanium retainers
Custom Spring locators

**Approx Cost to duplicate this engine=$25,000.00 (and motor has only 5500 easy miles on it and has been broken in perfectly by me just as MTI informed to do) and has not ever even broken so much as a valve spring.

(running total to duplicate=$48,000)

3. Chuck Johnson's latest and greatest new Level 5 FLP Racing transmission with BRAND SPANKING NEW GM tranny case and cyro treated tranny output shaft, which arguably speaking is the best built A4 C5 Racing tranny on the market and my tranny after just being redone with Chuck Johnson only has 150 miles on it with no racing and no WOT runs yet as car has been in storage and i am now dedicated to sell the car. Price for this tranny with Yank PThruster 4000 converter, installed with brand new GM Trany case=$5,000.00 (running total to duplicate=$53,000.00)

4. 3.73 rear end with original GETRAG FACTORY built 3.73 ring and pinion, just recently rebuilt into mint condition 7000 mile mile 3.15 case, newer rear end housing unit with more durable webbing that older 3.15 cases (BUILT by one of the best here, RODNEY/CRASHED 94) with the new rear end having no more than 250 miles on it, installed with labor=$2,000.00 (running total to duplicate=$55,000.00)

5. Dyno tuning=$500 (running total to duplicate=$55,500.00)

6. Brand new LSX 90 mm intake manifold, KOOKS 1 7/8 headers and TPIS throttle body, 90 MM, bought directly from MTI, with MTI 3 inch x-pipe and true 3 inch exhaust all the way back to catbacks with VARARAM cold air intake with custom built 427 ci air filter built by PATRICK at VARARAM=$4,500 (running total to duplicate=$60,000.00)

7. Customized 6 pt roll bar with Simpson 6 pt racing harnesses, with fully functionl convertible top and reagular stock seat builts, built, customized and installed by SPEEDWERKS near Dallas Texas. This bar is removable but would probably be a bit of a chore and comes with road race bar that goes from middle of hoop into passenger floor compartment which removes in 5 minutes=$3,000 (running total to duplicate=$63,000.00).

8. Be Cool Radiator for big cubed motor, car runs between 170 and 195, all year round=1,000 installed (running total to duplicate=$64,000.00)

9. Electric QTP exhaust dumps (best mod i ever did for the $ they are a blast) and can be opened only partially for a lil aggressive sound or opened full bore and sound llike Dale Jr. SCREAMING down the expressway, installed=$500 (running total to duplicate=$64,500.00)

10. Zo6 sized repro z06 rims professinionally powder coated black with brand new 315/35/18 NITTO DRAG radials in back and great condition pilot sports in front=2,500 (running total to duplicate=$67,000.00)

11. MAFT Translator and HAL 12 way adjustable drag shocks installed=$500.00 (Price to duplicate=$67,500.00)

12. Additional dyno tune sessions to get street manners very good with LSX 90 mm intake and TPIS 90 mm t. body and to make air fuel perfect 13 to 1 at WOT after KOOKS 1 7/8 installed, all of the above done this time last year=($500.00) (Price to duplicate=$68,000.00)

13.B&B Rt 66 Exhaust installed=$750.00(Price to uplicate=$68,750.00)

There is more but i can't think of every last detail put this is pretty good detailed list to see the type of $ that it took to build this reliable every weekend dry weather 10 sec. something, 200 mph, 98 C5 Roadster and what a bang for the $ great value this truly is, if you keep the car just the way it is or part it out etc. (which if one did they could probably make $10,000.00 to $15,000.00)!! :thumbs:
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