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carb'd ls1 database

Old 04-21-2010, 04:48 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 23

engine:2002 LS1
heads:GM 241s
cam:Thunder Racing Trex
intake:Edelbrock Victor
carb: Holley HP 750
pump shot size fr/rr:30/30cc- pink cams in reversed
total timing: 28 for now
base timing:16 deg
map timing:not using it
jetting pri/sec:78/83
power valve:6.5
air bleeds:can't remember- .029s maybe
Trans: TH350 2800 stall- (a problem)
rear gear: 3.73 (ford 9in. w/detroit locker)
shiftpoint:? 6400
stall: 2800
tire size: 325/50/15s Mickey DRs
trap rpm: 5400
car: 1968 Nova
raceweight:?? 3220

Best ET is 11.68 @ 120- terrible 60' of 1.7 due to the lame converter. I'm moving the shiftpoints up to 7000 RPM and and adding a degree of timing until it rattles. Tring to get an 11.40 out of it with this lame converter.
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Old 04-21-2010, 06:23 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 300

engine:2006 6.0 LQ4(stock shortblock)
heads:L92's unported, milled .030
cam: Rapid Motorsports Dominator 2X
intake:GMPP single plane
carbroSystems 780
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing:32
base timing:28
map timing:none
jetting pri/sec:74/84
power valve:6.5
air bleeds:
rear gear:4.10
stall:4500 (ATI Treemaster 8")
tire size:28X10
trap rpm:7000
car: make/model/etc "90 Mustang Hatch
ET---or scan a slip in your post.....
Best ET 9.871
Best MPH 137.33
Best '60ft 1.38
Naturally aspirated on pump gas!!
Attached Thumbnails carb'd ls1 database-dsc01952.jpg  
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Old 04-21-2010, 07:12 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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engine -2004 LQ4 short block,
heads- LS3 milled .035,with patriot gold springs
head gasket- cometic .045
intake- victor jr l92
cam- texas speed 225/230 .617/.614
carb- holley hp 750
igniton- msd 6010 box
timing - ??
map- ??
headers- dynatech 1 7/8ths (on back order)
trans- d&d T56 6 speed
rear end- 9" detroit tru trac
weight - ??? around 3350 with me in it

work in progress....hopefully to be up and running soon (waiting on drive shaft and headers) i'll update soon hopefully some time slips by end of summer
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Old 05-06-2010, 01:28 PM
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engine: 6.0 LQ4
heads: 317's
cam: Z06 (for now)
intake: Vic Jr
carb: 750 HP
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing:
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear: 3.73's
stall: still tryin to figure it out, itll be probably around 38-4000
tire size: 28x10.5s
trap rpm:
car: make/model/etc '96 Camaro
raceweight: Havent scaled it yet, but hopin/should be around 3200
ET---or scan a slip in your post..... HOPEFULLY soon

I do have one quick question though- What are you guys running for a throttle cable? I know about Lokar, etc, but Id like to keep it a GM one. Being a 4th gen, it doesnt need to be that long, off the top of my head, I bet 24" would probably work. Anyone know a production cable that was roughly that long???
Thanks in advance-
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Old 05-07-2010, 06:15 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
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Member name: 1QuickT-A (1QuickZ on all other forums)
engine: 408 Iron LQ9 Block 12.5:1 CR Wegner Front Distr. Drive Set Up
heads: AFR 225 milled to 65cc
cam: Old Comp XER Grind 246/254 .613/.613 113+3
intake: Edelbrock Super Victor
carb: Holley 950 Ultra HP
ignition box: MSD 7530 Digital w/ MSD Pro Billet Distributor and Coil
total timing: 32 degrees
base timing: Timing is locked @ 32 degrees (pulls X amount for nitrous)
jetting pri/sec: 78/82
rear gear: 4.10
shiftpoint: 7000
stall: 4500
tire size: 325/50 M/T Radials
trap rpm: 6000 in the 1/8th
car: 98 Z28 Red w/ 6" VFN Sunoco Extd Hood, 10pt CM Cage
raceweight: not sure but I'd say around 3400 with driver
ET-- 6.69 @ 102 1.47 60ft N/A
Nitrous ET -- 6.20 @ 111 with 1.43 60ft spraying 175 about 50ft out (shitty track)

Headers: Kooks 2" with Moroso 3.5" Spiral Flows
Wheels: Alumastar 2.0s
Trans: 2spd PowerGlide with straight cut 1.80 planetaries
Converter: 9.5" TCI Ultimate Street Fighter Nitrous Ready 4500 Stall
Flexplate: TCI
Shifter: B&M Pro Ratchet
Rear End: Moser 9" 35 Spline Gun Drilled Axles, 4.10 Motive Gear, Light Weight Spool
Suspension: All BMR Front to Back, QA1 Shocks F&R, Madman Offset LCAs & Travel Limiters
Brakes: Aerospace Fronts, Stock Rear
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Old 06-27-2010, 04:54 PM
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Location: TAMPA
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Member name: GONEB4U
engine: 6.0 GEN IV BLOCK Stock Crank, H beam Rods, Wiesco Pistons(93 octane PUMP GAS) on motor.
heads: AFR 225 milled to 62cc
cam: Custom Pat G cam
intake: Edelbrock Victor jr
carb: Prosystems 850
ignition box: MSD 6012
total timing: 31 degrees
base timing: Timing is locked @ 31 degrees (pulls X amount for nitrous)
jetting pri/sec: 75/82
rear gear: 3.73
shiftpoint: 6500
stall: 3800
tire size: 28 x 12.50 MT ET Streets
trap rpm: 6000 in the 1/4th
car: 69 Camaro w/ 6 point Bar
raceweight: 3450 with driver
ET-- 11.3 @ 119 1.62 60ft N/A
Nitrous ET -- 10.01 @ 140 with 1.57 60ft spraying 250 (shitty track and super hot & muggy day)
Headers: Hooker Ceramic coated with 3" x-pipe expelling into 2 Flowmasters
Wheels: Welds and Holeshots
Trans: Hughes th400 w/ Transbrake
Converter: 10" Hughes 3800 stall Nitrous converter
Flexplate: TCI
Shifter: Quarter Stick
Rear End: GM 12 bolt with Eaton Posi and Strange axles
Suspension: BMR Front upper and lower tubular a-arms with QA'1 all around
Brakes: LS1 F-Body Fronts, Aerospace Vented and Slotted Disc Rears

Driven on the street as much as possible, getting at least 18mpg. Love these LS motors.

Check out my Youtube vids below:
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Old 07-03-2010, 07:17 AM
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engine:stock 6.0 shortblock
heads:patriot stage 3
cam:lunati 598,602
intake:victor jr
carb:750 dp
pump shot size fr/rr:30 cc
total timing:35
base timing:35
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:75 77
power valve:blocked
air bleeds:
rear gear:410
shiftpoint:as of now 6400
tire size:28x10.5x15
trap rpm:not sure only 2 passes
car: make/model/etc 89 ford mustang
raceweight: 3050
ET---or scan a slip in your post..... best so far on motor 11.1 @125.02 with a 1.80 sixty foot still playing with carb will update later
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Old 07-03-2010, 09:43 AM
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Posts: 1,929

headers: Edelbrock 1 3/4" to 1 7/8" step
exhaust: full 3", dynomax ultraflow muffs
cam:comp 277/285, 227/235 @ .050", .613/.620 114+4
compression: 9.6:1
intake:Vic Jr L92
carb: Mighty Demon 850
pump shot size fr/rr:
Ignition: MSD 6012
total timing:34*
base timing:34*
map timing:15*
jetting pri/sec:78/89
power valve:6.5
stall:Adjustable - Ram single iron adjustable drag clutch
tire size: 295/55 15 M/T drag radials
trap rpm:6600ish
car: 67 Camaro
raceweight: 3234 +190 for me
trans: TKO 600 5 speed
gears: 4.56
ET: best of 11.39 @ 120
Car runs great for having a stock longblock. I'm still in tuning mode and will update the specs above as I change them for the better

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Old 08-30-2010, 09:20 PM
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Location: Binghamton,NY
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Car:1966 Chevy Nova
Engine: escalade 6.0
heads: never been off
Intake:Victor jr
Carb:750 HP
Jet:80 84
Pushrods:comp cams
weight:3000 w/driver
Tires:295 Radial
60 FT:1.52
Best ET first time out:7.12 @ 96 mph about 11.1 in quarter
this is a new car suspension needs tuning and im gonna play with timing.I want a 6.?? on motor before i spray it
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Old 09-09-2010, 02:11 PM
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I barely got the engine fired 2 weeks ago, currently not on the road but I thought I'd post here anyway. Primary use is for street, don't have plans to hit the track much.

engine: 2002 Corvette stock shortblock, F-body accessories
trans: 2001 Z28 T56, stock clutch
heads: 2001 Z28 241's w/ Comp Cams 921 springs
cam: 2003 Z06
intake: GMPP
carb: 650 Speed Demon Venturi
squirters: Came with carb
pump shot size fr/rr: n/a
total timing: MSD 6010, pill #3
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec: Came with carb
power valve:
air bleeds: Came with carb
rear gear: 4.10 posi
tire size: 275/40/17
trap rpm:
car: 1969 Camaro
raceweight: I need to find out
ET---or scan a slip in your post.....
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Old 09-30-2010, 03:16 PM
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engine:Stock LQ4
heads:Stock 317 milled .030
cam:Trex(242/248 @.050, .610/.615 lift on 110 LSA)
intake:Super Voctor
carb:.Pro Form 750 DP
pump shot size fr/rr:50/30
total timing:35*
base timing:20* initial
map timing:.Do not use one
jetting pri/sec:76/84
power valve:6.5
air bleeds:stock pro form
rear gear:4.30
stall:Centerforce DFX
tire size:26x11.5x16 1/8th, 28x14.5x16 street
trap rpm:7200 in the 1/8th 3rd gear
car:89 RS
raceweight:3450 with driver
ET: 7.1 1/8th @97 MPH, 1.5 6000 launch

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Old 10-01-2010, 09:38 AM
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engine: 5.3
heads:243 milled .030 w/.041 cometic
cam: custom eps 218/222 w/.595/.598 lift
carb: 670 avenger
50cc pump
jets: i think 65/69
map sensor : yes
trans: 2004r w/2400stall
shift point: 6200
tire size: 285/30/20 nitto nt555 extreme
gear: 8.5 10bolt w/3.42
car: 69 camaro
weight: 3400ish
1/4mi: [email protected] so far w/2.1 60ft

need to do some more tuning to dial it in 4 runs so far.

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Old 11-08-2010, 09:32 AM
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'91 s10 2wd single cab short box.

engine: 6.0 LQ4
heads: L92
cam: Comp XR281HR
intake: Victor Jr. L92
carb: Proform 750 DP
pump shot size fr/rr: 50cc/30cc
total timing:32
base timing:28
map timing:N/A
jetting pri/sec: 74/84-jet extensions
power valve: 45/plugged
air bleeds:.75"pri. .73"sec 10-32 screw in type
rear gear: 3.73
shiftpoint: 6900 or more
stall: 3400
tire size:26
trap rpm: N/A
car: make/model/etc '91 s10 short box single cab 2wd
raceweight: Less than 3000
ET---or scan a slip in your post.....N/A
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Old 11-09-2010, 11:36 AM
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intake:Victor jr
carb:850 quick fuel
pump shot size fr/rr:n/a
total timing:36
base timing:22
map timing:-
jetting pri/sec:-
power valve:none
air bleeds:n/a
rear gear:4.10
tire size:33x16x15
trap rpm:6000
car: make/model/etc: 2004 220 Hardtail Dragster
raceweight:1700 lbs
ET- 8.48 @156

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Old 11-10-2010, 10:12 AM
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Posts: 1,403

engine: 370 11.5:1
heads: PRC stage 2.5 ls6
cam: 232/240 @ .050". .595/.609 112+4, EFI cam i got used
intake: Victor jr
carb: 750 proform main bodied holley
squirters: 40/40
pump shot size fr/rr: 50cc/30cc
total timing: 35
base timing: 22
map timing: -
jetting pri/sec: 80/88
power valve: 6.5" up front, none in rear
air bleeds: n/a
rear gear: 4.11
shiftpoint: 7000
stall: 4500
trans: th400
tire size: 275/60/15
trap rpm: 6500
car: make/model/etc: 1990 Camaro RS
raceweight: 3450lbs
60: 1.51
1/8: 6.96
mph: 99
1/4: 10.94
mph: 123.56
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Old 01-26-2011, 11:09 AM
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engine: LQ9 block, stock crank, Compstar Rods, Diamond Piston
heads: Dart 225
cam: LG G5X4
intake: Edelbrock Super Victor
carb: Holley Ultra HP750
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing: 36* MSD 6010
base timing: 15* cranking
map timing:
jetting pri/sec: 82/82
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear: 4.11
trans: TH400 RMVB
shiftpoint: 6700 rpm
stall: ATI 8" 5000 stall speed
tire size: Hoosier 29x9 Slick, Goodyear 30x9 Radial Slick, MT 30x9 Radial Slick
trap rpm: 6500 rpm
car: 1998 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
raceweight: 3040lb with driver
best ET: 10.35 @ 130mph - 1.38 60'

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Old 02-10-2011, 09:33 PM
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Engine:402 stroker 6.0
Heads:Gmpp cnc'd l92 stock valves 918 comp springs
Cam:287XER 238/240 .601/.609 112 lobe sep
Intake:GMPP L92
Carb:950 HP
Headersacesetter truck modified 1 3/4
Mufflersynomax 3" Bullets
Tranny:400 transgo kitted
StallI 9.5" 3500
Diff:Mexican Gbody Dana44
Gears:Factory 3.07's
Tires:28/11.5 M/T's
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Old 04-04-2011, 01:37 AM
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Engine: Stock LQ4 Longblock
Heads: 317
Cam: TSP 228R 114lsa
Valve Springs: Comp 26918
Intake: Edelbrock Victor Jr
Exhaust: Dynatech 1 7/8" Swap Long Tubes
Carb: Quickfuel Q 750dp w/ HP Main Body
Squirters: 31/31
Pump Shot Size fr/rr: 30/30
Ignition System: MSD 6010
Spark Plugs: NGK TR6
Plug Gap: .035"
Total Timing: 32
Base Timing: 28
Map Timing: na
Jetting pri/sec: 74/80
Power Valve: 6.5
Air Bleeds: stock Holley hp
Fuel System: in-tank pump, Aeromotive fpr @ 6psi, -6 feed, -8 return
Rear Gear: 3.73
Shiftpoint: 7000
Transmission: Transmission Specialties TH400 w/ reverse-manual valve body transbrake
Stall: Transmission Specialties 9" high stall (should be 4-4.5k)
Tire Size: 28-10-15 mt drag
Trap RPM:
Car: 1990 mustang hatch
Raceweight: not done yet but should be a little under 2900 w/ me in it
ET---not done yet

Car has yet to be driven or even started. It will hopefully be done soon.
Still waiting on:
driveshaft, exhaust, alternator, and guages.

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Old 04-13-2011, 04:42 PM
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engine:2008 5.3
heads:Stock 317
camatriot 225/229, .582.589 lift on 114 LSA
intake:Vic Jr
carb: Holley 750 Vac sec
pump shot size fr:30cc
total timing:33*
base timing:20* initial
map timing:.Do not use one
jetting pri/sec:74
power valve:6.5
air bleeds:stock holley
rear gear:3.23
stall: 3000
tire size:235/60/15 F 265/50/15 R
car:86 Trans Am
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Old 05-20-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by ZONES89RS View Post
engine:2008 5.3
heads:Stock 317
camatriot 225/229, .582.589 lift on 114 LSA
intake:Vic Jr
carb: Holley 750 Vac sec
pump shot size fr:30cc
total timing:33*
base timing:20* initial
map timing:.Do not use one
jetting pri/sec:74
power valve:6.5
air bleeds:stock holley
rear gear:3.23
stall: 3000
tire size:235/60/15 F 265/50/15 R
car:86 Trans Am
what is your time on the quarter mile???
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