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Old 05-23-2011, 02:36 PM   #41
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Engine: 422 stroker
Heads: Patriot 6.0L stage 2
Cam: Crane custom
Valve Springs: Patriot golds
Intake: Edelbrock Victor Jr
Exhaust: Kooks 1 7/8" Swap Long Tubes
Carb: Pro systems 850
Squirters: 31/31
Pump Shot Size fr/rr: 30/30
Ignition System: MSD 6010
Spark Plugs: NGK TR6
Plug Gap: .035"
Total Timing: 32
Base Timing: 28
Map Timing: na
Jetting pri/sec: 74/80
Power Valve: 6.5
Air Bleeds: ??
Fuel System: Barry Grant 220HR @ 7.5psi, -8 feed, -10 return 93 Octane !!!!
Rear Gear: 4.10
Shiftpoint: 7200
Transmission: JW glide w/transbrake
Stall: JW 10" Nitrous convertor
Tire Size: 28-10-15 mt drag
Trap RPM:7400
Car: 1989 mustang notch
On Motor 9.85 @138 1.45 60ft.
On N2O: 150 NX [email protected] 1.25 50ft.
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Old 08-13-2011, 11:49 PM   #42
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Engine: LQ9
Heads: LS6 Texas Speed CNC Stage 1
Cam: 226/234 .598"/.612" 110 LSA
Intake: Victor Jr.
Exhaust: Doug's 1 3/4" with full 3" duals
Carburetor: Holley 950 HP
Pump Squirters: 40/40 (nozzle style)
Pump shot size fr/rr: 50/30
Metering Blocks: Quick Fuel Billet (4 emulsion port model)
Emulsion Ports: #2 & #4 blocked, #1 & #3 have .028" restrictions as delivered from Quick Fuel
Kill bleed: .028"
PVCR: .069"
Jetting pri/sec: 69/82
MAB (Main Air Bleed): .028"
Primary Power valve: 8.5
Secondary Power valve: Plugged
IFR (idle fuel restriction): (relocated to the low position like the old Holleys had) with a .036" restriction
Idle Air bleeds: .075"
Ignition System: MSD 6010
Total timing with Victor Jr.: 30 degrees to 4000 rpm then 27 degrees to redline. 21 degrees total on nitrous for a 150 shot.
Base timing: 27 degrees
Spark Plugs: NGK Tr6 for regular driving Br7 for nitrous
Plug Gap: .040" on motor, .032" for nitrous
Map timing: 10 degrees ramping in from 10 PSIa to 9 PSIa
Rear gear: 3.90
Shiftpoint: 6800
Stall: 4000 Flashing from 2000 RPM on launch
Transmission: TH200-4R
Tire size: 275/60R15 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials
Trap rpm: 5900
Car: 1965 Buick Skylark
Raceweight: 3780 w/driver full tank with nitrous tank on board. #3655 with 3 gallons fuel and no nitrous tank on board.
Best 60' 1.42
Best 1/8th E.T. 7.00
Best 1/8th MPH 97.06 MPH
Best 1/4 E.T. 11.05
Best 1/4 MPH 121.31 MPH
Best Nitrous 1/4 E.T.: 10.04
Best Nitrous 1/4 MPH: 133.35

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Old 10-05-2011, 12:46 PM   #43
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Guess I will finally add mine since I have a baseline run now.

Engine: LQ4
Heads: West Coast CNC 241s
Cam: G5X3 on a 114
Intake: Victor Jr.
Exhaust: Edelbrock stepped headers, 3" X, Spintech side exit
Carburetor: Holley 800cfm
Squirters: 35/35
Jetting pri/sec: 72/78
Power valve: 6.5
Air bleeds: stock
Ignition System: MSD 6010
Total timing: Pill 1
Base timing: Pill 1
Spark Plugs: NGK TR6
Map timing: stock
Rear gear: 3.73
Shiftpoint: 6500
Stall: 3000
Transmission: 700R4
Tire size: 255/60R15 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials
Trap rpm: 5100
Car: 1970 Camaro
Raceweight: 3800 w/driver (I'm a big dude!)
60': 1.89 (easy launch)
E.T.: 12.590 @ 111 mph with the alternator shooting sparks the whole way! (will have to fix this)

I will update next spring when the rain stops. I'm adding 4.56 gears, losing 300lbs and will have a whole season to tune!

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Old 02-20-2012, 09:07 PM   #44
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Not sure why I never posted my info.........

engine: LY6 (9.67:1 Compression)
heads: Stock L92
cam: 231/239 .598/.610 110+1
intake: Victor Jr.
carb: Prosystems (Holley HP 950)
squirters: 40/40
pump shot size fr/rr: 50/30
total timing: 34*
base timing: still working on it
map timing: still working on it
jetting pri/sec: 76/86
power valve: 6.5
air bleeds: 36/76
rear gear: 4.11
shiftpoint: 7000
stall: 5000
tire size: 28X11.50-15
trap rpm: 6000ish?
car: make/model/etc: 73 Camaro RS
raceweight: 3475lbs
ET: [email protected]

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Old 03-08-2012, 02:53 PM   #45
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engine: LS1 11:5-1
heads: Ported 243's
cam: Custom Comp .624 .624
intake: GMPP
exhaust: dynatech swap 1 7/8
carb: 950 HP
squirters: 31 31
pump shot size fr/rr: 30cc
total timing: 40
base timing: 28
map timing: N/A
jetting pri/sec: 76/85
power valve: 3.5
air bleeds: N/A
rear gear: 4:11
shiftpoint: 6,300
transmission: P/G
stall: 4K
tire size: 275/50
trap rpm: 1/8th 5,800
car: Mustang 85 GT
raceweight: 3,200
et: 7.0 @ 101
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Old 04-20-2012, 07:55 PM   #46
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engine: 2005 lq4. 030 over flattops
heads: LS3 Ported/ milled. 035"and valve job
cam: Eps custom 235*/251*@050" 621/632 lift 110 +4
intake: Port matched l92 victor jr 1"spacer
carb: Proform 850
squirters: 40/40
pump shot size fr/rr: 30cc/30cc
total timing: 30*
base timing: 20*
map timing: N/a
jetting pri/sec: 76/84
power valve: 6.5 primary
air bleeds: 70's
rear gear: 9"rear with 4.11
shiftpoint: 7200rpm
stall: tire size: 8"converter 4500 stall
trap rpm: Donno
car: 1991 Camaro
make/model/etc raceweight: Chevrolet / Camaro / est. 3300 lbs
ET--- 1.513 60' 6.897 @ 99mph 1/8 [email protected] 125mph 1/4

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Old 05-22-2012, 12:48 PM   #47
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engine:2002 LQ4
heads:stage 3 ported 243s
cam:Comp XER281HR-12
intake:Super vic
carb:Quick Fuel RQ950
squirters: 35/35
pump shot size fr/rr:50/50
total timing:34*
base timing:15*
map timing:0
jetting pri/sec:76/84
power valve:4.5
air bleeds:
rear gear:3.73
stall:3500 custom
tire size:275/60 R15
trap rpm:7000
car: make/model/etc 1984 Camaro
ET---or scan a slip in your post..... best 10.95 Motor

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Old 05-25-2012, 09:37 PM   #48
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engine: 2007 5.3
heads: 862
cam: Guerra Motorsports 218/222
intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM
carb: Holley 650DP
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing:
base timing:
map timing: na
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear: 3.89
shiftpoint: 6800
stall: crap Allstar 3500...lucky to see 2200 or so in my application ( mid 1.9 60 foot times LOL )
tire size: 275/50 15 MT ET Street
trap rpm:
car: make/model/etc 1970 Chevelle 4-door
raceweight: 3650
ET---or scan a slip in your post..... best 12.93 @ 105

I have to add timing info and carb info when I get a chance. Car has been so reliable in over 500 passes down the strip since I built it, that I kinda forgot most of my tuning data! LOL gotta love LS engines!!!!!!!!!

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Old 08-11-2013, 07:15 AM   #49
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heads:stock 806? Ls6 (blue) springs
cam: g5x1
intake: vic jr
Total timing:32
Base timing:18
map timing:n/a
Rear gear: 3.55
Shiftpoint: 7000
Stall: tci 4000
Tire size: bald bfg radial t/a 255/60
Car: 81 malibu 3500lbs
13.7 @ 103 spinning
2.1 60'
100 shot made it run a 15.06 @91 lol...


With some suspension geometry adjustments and good tires, new time is [email protected] on 100shot

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Old 09-02-2013, 01:55 PM   #50
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engine:5.3 Stock, 160,000 mile junkyard motor.
heads:862 Stock
intake: Performer RPM
carb:Summit 750
squirters:What it comes with
pump shot size fr/rr:What it comes with
total timing:28 locked
base timing:
map timing:dont use
jetting pri/sec:What it comes with
power valve:What it comes with
air bleeds:What it comes with
rear gear:4:10. 10 bolt welded
tire size:275/50R15 drag radial
trap rpm:?
car: make/model/etc 1991 Chevy S10 reg cab short box
raceweight: Guessing 3000 with me in it
ET: best of 8.52 at 81mph. 1.92 60ft. spinning out the hole. 1/8th mile track. no 1/4 time but guessing mid 13. no tuning. set timing at 28 across rpm table, set rev limit at 6500. bolted on the carb. no other adjustments. got 4 passes on her.
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Old 09-09-2013, 03:37 PM   #51
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Engine: Stock LQ9 113k plus miles
Heads: TFS "As Cast" 220cc 64cc Chamber 2.04/1.575 valves
Cam: Vindicator 240/244 .613 .598 109LSA
Timing: 29* all in at 2700RPM
Fuel: 91 Pump gas
Trans: Powerglide
Intake: Vic Jr
Carb: Demon 1000cfm 4150
Squirters: .040 Front / .037 Rear
Pump size: 30cc Front and Rear
Jetting: 78 Front 88 Rear
Power valve: Blocked
Air Bleeds: 31 Hi-speed, 70 Low speed
Rear Gear: 4.56
Shift point: 7200
Stall: 5000
Tire: 275/60/15 MT ET Pro Radial
Car Make: 1982 Buick Regal - 3100lbs Without Driver
ET: 10.80 @ 124.5mph 5000*FT DA 1.5x 60ft
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Old 09-16-2013, 08:24 AM   #52
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engine: L98 6.0 alu block
heads: L92 square port heads, unported, shaved 100thou (58cc chamber) 11.9:1 comp
cam: 236/246, 613/613, 110 lsa
intake: Vic Jnr L92
carb: 850 base 850cfm custom e85 holley (eric at horsepower innovations)
squirters: 0.055
pump shot size fr/rr: 50/50
total timing: 25deg locked
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec: 97/107
power valve: 6.5 (PVCR 0.109)
air bleeds: 0.024, 0.042
rear gear: 3.7 minispool 28spline borg warner (in progress)
shiftpoint: 7200
stall: 5200
gearbox: TH350
tire size: 255/60/15 radial
trap rpm:7100
car: 84 Holden VK commodore
raceweight: 2700-2800lb
ET: [email protected] with 1.45 60ft (best 1.42 foot brake)

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Old 01-18-2014, 10:43 PM   #53
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Engine: 417CI Don Hardy Shortblock
heads:L92 CNC Ported
Cam: Tick 303/321 Adv., .652/.661", 114LSA/109CL
intake: Super Vic
carb: 1000 AED
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing: 34 on Motor
base timing:
map timing: NA
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear: 3.90
shift point: 7200 to start.
Xmission: Glide
Tire size: 275/60X15 MT Drag Radial
Nitrous: Nitrous outlet puck
Stall: Edge Nitrous Converter 3800
trap rpm: ???
car: make/model/etc: Foxbody Coupe
raceweight: 3050# w/driver.
ET---5.78 @ 120.5 1/8 mile. 1.35s 60' With 200shot. 350shot coming!
Attached Thumbnails
carb'd ls1 database-11-1-14-timeslip.jpg  

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Old 06-02-2015, 12:20 AM   #54
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Engine: 2004 LQ9
Heads: stock 317
Valvetrain: Brian Tooley .650 springs and thick-walled pushrods.
Cam: 235 duration @.050 .595 lift
Intake: Holley single plane
Carb: Holley 750
Ignition System: MSD 6010
Total timing: 35
Base timing: 24 degrees
Spark Plugs: stock GM
Rear gear: 4:88
Shiftpoint: 6800
Stall: 3000 on footbrake. 5500 on transbrake
Transmission: Powerglide with 1:98 low gearset
Tire size: 29.5 x 10.5
Trap rpm: 6500
Car: 1967 chevelle
Raceweight: 3,080
UPDATE! (11-8-15)
Changed torque convertor from a 6500 stall to a 5500 stall and picked up 2 tenths!!
Best 60' = 1.42
Best 1/8th E.T. = 6.75
Best 1/8th MPH = 99.7 mph

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Old 09-13-2015, 01:49 PM   #55
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engine: 383 ls1
heads: ported and milled 243s
cam: Custom grind
intake: super vic
carb: Mark Sullens E85 carb
total timing:36
base timing:36
rear gear: 3.55
tire size:275
car: 98 Camaro
raceweight:? Guess 3200

ET: 11.22 @119

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Old 02-24-2016, 06:22 PM   #56
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Engine: 02 lq4
Heads: ls3 milled .030
Cam:Smallwood specd .623 .597 237 [email protected] on a 107
Intake: Victor jr.
Total timing: 34
Rear Gear: 4.10
Shift: 7200
Stall: 4000 jw
Tires: 275 60 drag radial
1981 Malibu weighs 3470lbs
Et: [email protected] with 1.42 60ft
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Old 03-26-2016, 06:16 PM   #57
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engine: 416 LS3 13.74cr
heads: WCCH stg2 LS3 angle milled 0-.090 stock rockers, valves
cam: SRD 248/272 114+5 stock lifters
pushrods: 3/8 7.300"
intake: Mast
carb: 1050 Dominator mod to 2 circuit
pump shot size fr/rr:50/50
ignition: GMPP dist conv MSD7al2, crank trigger
total timing: 35
base timing: locked out
map timing: ?????
jetting pri/sec: 91/91 R5671A-7 plugs
power valve: blocked
air bleeds: .025HSB .073IAB .052TSJ .040IJ
rear gear: 4.71, but going to 4.57 soon
transmission: powerglide 1.80 t/brake
shiftpoint: 5200 launch; 7500-ish
stall: drops back to 6500 on gear change
tire size: 13.5wx32 Hoosier
trap rpm: just shy of 8000
car: make/model/etc 1982 Camaro not streetable
raceweight: 2530
ET---9.072 150.16 1.291 60'
but I usually race a 9.60 Index class with a throttle stop

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Old 01-16-2017, 10:13 PM   #58
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Here's a special treat for the few people fine-tuning edelbrock carbs:

engine: stock '02 5.3
heads: stock
cam: stock 191/191
intake: Edelbrock RPM Dual Plane
carb: Edelbrock Performer 600
squirters: 35 front/strongest pump shot
timing: Daytona Smartspark curve #9
jetting pri/sec: .095/.100 (#395/#400)
Primary metering rods: #6847 (.068/.047)
Step-up spring: Custom spring tailored to high vacuum opens at ~18" hg
Idle air bleed: .062
Idle by-pass air bleed: .040
Main air bleed: .040
IFR: Stock (.030)
Secondary metering: stock
rear gear/trans: 3.36/M20
car: 1969 Pontiac Firebird

The edelbrock Performer 600 really shines once the circuity is understood and fine-tuned. The step up spring can be easily replaced for a high-vacuum engine (stock 5.3 cam pulls 22" hg at idle) unlike the holley PV. Cruise ratio above 45mph is 15.0 - 15.5 and at lower revs is 13.5 - 15.0. Car is snappy and gets excellent mileage. PM me if you're interested in some tips on tuning these carbs.
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Old 03-17-2017, 04:27 PM   #59
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engine: Standard Bore 5.3 with Speed-Pro 4.8 replacement pistons, flycut for
valve reliefs and block is decked .016" Static compression around 10.5:1

heads: Stock 243 heads, cut .030"

cam: BTR Stage 4 NA Cam 235/242 .621/.595 111 LSA

intake: Edelbrock Victor JR

carb: Max Airflow Carbs 750 (flows 775)

squirters: 35 Front and Rear

pump shot size fr/rr: 30cc

total timing:28*

base timing: 28*

jetting pri/sec: 75F 86R

power valve: 9.5

Engine made 450hp NA @ 6500rpm and 633 [email protected] 6000 RPM on a 150 shot 63N/55F

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