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6.0 liter spits and sputters

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Default 6.0 liter spits and sputters

I hope someone out there can help me. I have a 2002 6 liter in a '72 Chevy truck that has ran fine for 2 years. Now every once in a while driving down the road, I will lose all power and the truck will not rev up. It just spits and sputters and tries to die when I give it gas. Any ideas or suggestions will be very much appreciated.
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Could be a number of things but i would lean to a fuel filter needing to be replaced. Possible clogged injectors or dirty maf sensor. Just a few possibilitys but i bet fuel filter
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Thanks but it only does it every once in awhile and you let it set and it starts working just fine. The shop that made the harnness told me it was my tac module but i just put a new one on and after two days does the same thing. I put on a new maf sensor already to.
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Check your fuel pressure.
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There's no way this can be diagnosed over the internet, just way too many possibilities. That said, it does sound like a fuel issue though, and as others have said, changing the fuel filter would be a good place to start. If you could check the fuel pressure, that would help, but to be honest, you would have to check it while it's messing up. I would check your fuel pump wiring and all your grounds. Is the fuel pump in the tank or external? Also make sure your fuses have good connections and are not loose or corroded or anything. Have you checked it for any codes?
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Hook up a scanner so you can record what is happening when driving. Like said above could be anything, like a MAP sensor going out, EGR valve, loss of crank sensor signal, loss of fuel or too much fuel (sticky injector). The problem might be outside anything the computer measures, but it is a good place to start ruling out possible issues.

Could also be electrical, like you are loosing power to the PCM, injectors, coils, etc due to a power path or bad ground. Might be a chaffed wire shorting to ground. Believe it or not it could even be dirty battery posts.

My Tacoma truck is doing this right now. It's not throwing any error codes and has good fuel pressure and spark. I'm leaning toward a the timing chain or a valve going bad. total pisser.

Could be anything.
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Check for wire chafing on the power lead on the starter....had this happen to me and the power lead had started intermittently shorting.....same symptoms
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