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Pretty disappointed with Nasty Performance

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Default Pretty disappointed with Nasty Performance

On February 11th I ordered a Nasty Performance Stage 3 kit with his upgraded Billet Block rails. The complete system with shipping cost me just shy of $2000 with shipping. It took just shy of 2 months to get to me, but it was winter and I was in the middle of a build so I wasn't really concerned with how long it took the kit to arrive.

Just before the kit arrived I was going to go another direction and was going to sell the kit, so I didn't even open all of the packaging so that whoever bought it could have it just like brand new. After dealing with lowball, after lowball, after lowball, I decided to keep everything and stick with a forced induction build on the GTO. I had already sold the turbo kit, so I decided to go with an F1A Procharger which would obviously need the fuel system I had.

So since I was keeping the fuel system now I opened everything up and started going through it. Right away I noticed that my boost referenced regulator didn't have the boost port on it, so I sent Nate an email. He replied and said to just go find a nipple at a local hardware store. That in itself wasn't a big deal at all, but I was a bit put off that was his reply after I spent 2K on a "complete kit".

Here's where the problems started though. I went to mock up my (upgraded) rails to the manifold and they didn't fit at all. Not only was the height off, but the angle of the injector seats were way off. The square shape of them also prevented the rail from being able to be forced over to "make" work because the rails would hit the post that the manifold to head bolt goes through. These fuel rails were supposed to be for a LS2 manifold with LS2 sized injectors and they nowhere near fit properly. I couldn't even have made them fit if I tried (while keeping the injectors seated).

So I sent Nate an email and he said, "If you add a few washers under the mount to take up the space it should work." Well 1st, that wouldn't work because height wasn't the only issue 2nd, I really didn't want to have to use some washers to space up my "upgraded" fuel rails. I was very clear with Nate that the reason I went with these rails were for aesthetic reasons. 3rd, I didn't want to risk getting everything buttoned up, fire the car up and then deal with a fuel leak at the rail. Then I'd be dealing with an issue I knew was going to be one well before.

Nate asked if I could send him my manifold and injectors (on my dime) so that he could measure them up to get the proper specs. This put me off a fair bit because the R&D should have been done on a product before selling it, and not after the fact.

So after pretty well 2 weeks of getting absolutely nowhere with Nate because he didn't have an LS2 manifold to work with, I wanted to just get a set of his regular rails with a polished finish so that I wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore. Nate told me that would cost me an extra $50 to get the regular rails in polished. I wasn't very pleased about that after everything I had dealt with up to this point and was asked to pay more. Don't forget I still had to pay from my pocket to send his rails that didn't fit back to him.

I let Nate know that I wasn't very pleased with what was going on up until that point, and he told me that he just wanted me to have the better rails because they were worth it. I said that was all I wanted all along and wish that were possible as well. So finally I just said screw it and ordered a brand new FAST 102 from Nate on June 2nd so that he could measure up on that one and I wouldn't waste money sending my manifold and injectors back and forth.

I still had to send his rails back to him, so I put 4 of my stock LS2 injectors (which are the same as my 80's) in with the rails so that he could be 100% sure on the measurements this time. I sent the package through Fedex to make sure that it arrived safely and of course as luck would have it Fedex damaged the package and only the rails showed up. The injectors and the mounting hardware for the rails were not with it. Both ends of the package were busted open and re-taped by Fedex. So now I'm going through the awesome claims process with Fedex too. Nate assured me that this wasn't an issue and he would still be able to make my rails with no problems.

On June 20th I asked Nate for an update and he told me that everything would ship on the 29th. June 29th came and I didn't hear from Nate so on July 1st I sent him an email, to which Nate never replied. I figure maybe he's busy for the long weekend and wait until Tuesday. Tuesday rolls around and no reply, so I sent another email to which I never received a reply.

So here we are today. It's been a week since the new intake and rails were 'supposed' to have shipped, 2 ignored emails since then, well over a month and half to handle the situation of my upgraded rails not fitting, and 'still' the situation is not remedied.

All in all I'd have to say I'm pretty disappointed in this transaction with Nasty Performance. I'm trying to move forward on my build and get the fuel system wrapped up (which I've told Nate since the issue first arose) and it seems like Nate isn't willing to go out of his way at all for me. Every single thing that has had to be done to remedy the situation has been on my dollar, and time is definitely not of the essence for Nate. Going with the "upgraded" rails has caused me nothing but stress and headaches.

I really hope there's a good excuse why I've been ignored for the last week, and I really hope the intake and rails are going out soon. I REALLY hope there are no issues with them when they arrive as well. I just want to get this thing on the go and am tired of waiting.
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