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cant get this f*cking clutch line out of the slave cylinder

Old 09-13-2012, 08:22 PM
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top hole. 11mm short socket on a 1/4" ratchet was my go-to before i got a remote bleeder.
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Originally Posted by mezzoni View Post
Where exactly is the bleeder? I'm looking all over the transmission case and up to the engine block and the only thing perturbing are the clutch line and oil filter in that area.. And If it's inside the little rectangular opening that the clutch line goes into, how am I supposed to get at it?
I think I put the socket on carefully first and then the rachet since it was so tight
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Old 09-13-2012, 08:48 PM
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I assume you are working on this because you were losing fluid and your clutch is not disengaging right. I had this problem and replaced the master cylinder as I think you are doing, it did not fix the problem and I wound up replacing the slave cylinder. To do the slave cylinder you must pull the transmission. It is not really that hard, just a bunch of bolts but you will need a transmission jack and some good jack stands. I did mine in one evening by myself, sometimes I get lucky. You will need to bleed it and it either takes two people or the remote bleeder setup. Or you can drill a stategically placed hole in the firewall to run an extension thru to operate the bleeder screw while you are stroking the clutch for a one man operation. Put a carriage bolt in it when done and forget about it.
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Old 09-14-2012, 06:49 AM
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straight up from where the line from the master cylinder goes into the actual tranny... its long and very very hard to get to I just cut a small 2 inch hole in the floor pan if you google 98 trans am clutch bleeder it will show you pics on where it exactly is and how to cut the hole if you want up to you nobody will ever see it goes under the carpet. good luck
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Its not that hard to get to it but make sure you dont drop the socket. Its up and to the right of the hydraulic line if i remember correctly. There will be a hole and right in there will be a 11mm head
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i found the bleeder, thanks for the help guys. and yea it is in a tight spot... geez. GM didnt really think this through, not that thats a surprise. anyway i didnt try to crack it yet.

back to my original problem, my clutch pedal sticks to the floor, and is very slow to return. is this the master clutch cylinder or the slave cylinder? i dont want to replace the master and have it not be fixed and have to go in and pull the tranny anyway...
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Old 09-16-2012, 12:08 PM
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Had same problems its just the weak azz master cylinder. Mine would shift good long as ur not above 5k Rpm. But make sure your pushing the plastic piece in evenly on each side. If u use a socket to loosen the bleeder be careful or u will be fishing that socket out which u will probably eventually remove the tranny. When I did my clutch job I just cut a 2 inch hole in my floor board so I can access the bleeder screw with no problem.but try that in see what happened good luck..
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Old 06-06-2013, 12:15 PM
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For those of us that have the e-clip style (without the white quick disconnect), what do we do if the e-clip doesn't hold the line in very tightly? I can pull my line out by hand after I disconnected and reconnected..... It looks like the clip doesn't have room to be removed and replaced unless the slave is out.
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you can squeeze the clip together ti tighten it. you are right about not being able to remove it at least i couldnt i replaced mine and didnt think much about the clip. so once i decided to replace the master cylinder i couldnt take the line off.
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Thanks for the reply.. Turns out the hydraulic line will NOT go into the slave if the o-ring is not correct. I had replaced it with a generic one from autozone and it was too thick (barely). Also, my original problem was a leak at the hydraulic line and master - the oring was also a generic one. Both ends are special parts, and big thanks to steve at monster clutches for sending me the part that I needed.
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Originally Posted by STEEPSS View Post
I'd totally delete it if I were you. I had one take a **** on me (taken apart one too many times) . You can buy the roll pin captivated fittings and AN line from speedwaymotors for like $30
Can you send me a info I need to order these please
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Default Clutch line

Originally Posted by STEEPSS View Post
I'd totally delete it if I were you. I had one take a **** on me (taken apart one too many times) . You can buy the roll pin captivated fittings and AN line from speedwaymotors for like $30
were can I buy this I hate that dam white clip

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The clip is dead easy. I just a pair of very long pointy nose pliers to push the clip back and have never had issues.

The quick disconnect is a great feature.
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