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preparing for boot

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Default preparing for boot

Well i will be leaving for Boot Camp early August. I had a bummed knee which caused me to get wildly out of shape, and I know what all I've got to be able to do. My question was, what's a good way to help strengthen for pull-ups. I've done weight lifting, but I can't seem to target the exact muscles that make doing pull ups easier (besides the fact of just doing pull ups over and over), I was curious to how & what muscles I should pin-point and work out with weights.

So any pointers on the weight lifting side would be greatly appreciated. By the time I do my final IST & Fitness test I'd like to be able to score 100%.

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I'm not fitness expert but the only way I have improved my pullup capability was to do exactly what you just said. REPETITION REPETION REPETITION... I can probably do about 15-20 without stopping but def need to get back in shape if I plan on going to basic soon. Also, Fire Academy really got me used to the pushup aspect of it and after more repitition I was able to do more than I actually thought I could. Its all about mental strength and pushing yourself.
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Back, shoulders, traps, triceps and biceps really take a beating with pull ups.

I read over that a while ago and it seems to be a pretty kick *** way to get fit for physical testing.
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Originally Posted by Malicious View Post
Back, shoulders, traps, triceps and biceps really take a beating with pull ups.

I read over that a while ago and it seems to be a pretty kick *** way to get fit for physical testing.
That's good stuff, thanks. Heh, was doing pushups last night until I basically couldn't move my arms anymore... Atleast I've got 3 months. I should be ready by then.
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If I were you, I'd work on endurance, RUNNING! open up your lungs!!!
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dont sweat it too much if your not running a 18 min 3 mile before your ship date. They start you off really slow and build you up physically and mentally. If you can do 3 pull ups, you can pretty much walk the IST or half PFT whatever its called and pass it to ship out. The best thing to concentrate on is just doing pull ups. Doing a pyramid or just max sets everyday will help, but like I said dont worry if you cant do 20 before you ship out.
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pushups and pullups are best for increasing your pullups. also dead hangs at the top of the bar. oh yeah do a lot of running cause we ran every other day in boot camp 3 miles each time
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Best way is to try to slim down, and start with some light weight curls and lots and lots of repetitions. I'm talking about less than 15 pounds per dumbell and curling slow and as many times as you can until you just can't lift them up anymore.

Then once you've dropped a few pounds of your body weight, start the pull ups. If all you can do is one, or even half of one, start there and pull until you can't anymore. Rest for 5-10 minutes and then try again. Once you get past the initial point where you can do a few, it shouldn't be long before you can do a solid 10. Then after a week or so, 20 should be no problem. The idea is consistancy. You have to constantly keep at it and stay with your goals you set in front of you. Keep the pull-ups slow, as this will build better form and muscle. When you build enough strength, you will be able to do them well quickly, which is what the Marines will want eventually. Start off small with attainable goals, and just keep at it until you are satisfied.

There is no greater satisfaction than which is attained from the goals you accomplish that start as dreams.

Good luck to you Marine! And God bless you for your choice to dedicate your life to defending our nation.

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Well for pullups, I'm at 4 now.

I used to work out upper-body profusely, and always did about 70-80lbs on curl bar doing about 100 a day (resting off days of course). As well with benchpressing at the same time.

But, I've found that triangle push-ups have been the most beneficial with helping my pull-ups. Before I had started my journey to get back into shape I weighed 202lbs, and am now down to 188 (within 2 weeks) and steadily dropping.

Things are starting to look much better, there's work to do, but I'm positive about it.
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Dont worry about dropping weight your DI's will show you new ways to drop weight. They made me loose 30 lbs the first month and i was only 5 pounds over weight at meps. Work on running alot before boot camp dont be worried about the physical part as much as the mental they will play alot of games.
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run run run. typically the pull ups and sit ups will take care of themselves.

also, if you can try and "save" yourself for the run. do as many pull ups and sit ups as you want to get the score you desire but dont overdue it so you can have some extra juice for the run.
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Hey man whats up!?!

I just graduated from SOI on May 9th, 2008. I'm sure everyone posting here knows a little about working out and getting/staying in shape, but really, you don't have to go into boot camp in top form. Or even near it.

I went to boot camp doing only 6 pull ups, about 80 sit ups (i'm a fatty ), and running the 1 1/2 mile in 9mins 25 secs. The Drill Instructors will get you to were you need to be by the time you get there. (Make since?) So you don't even really need to worry about any of that.

I could go on for many paragraphs about boot camp and SOI, but I'll leave it at that for now. If you want to know anything else, I'd be glad to answer PM's. I'm a fairly new Marine and love talking about my experiences. (That just screams BOOT! lol)

See you around.
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