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video: maybe I don't want to join the army...

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Old 07-27-2006, 02:37 PM   #1
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Exclamation video: maybe I don't want to join the army...

at first it seems far away...but a few seconds later...

misses by a hair
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damn, like time paused for a second and then **** started flying everywhere.
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Not to get all preachy and bring this thread down, but that is exactly why those men and women deserve the utmost respect. Even if someone does not agree with what is going on in the middle-east (or even war for that matter) than that is fine, that is your opinion. But it is men and women like these that put there life on the line (and have been doing so for many years) so people can have their opinions. Anyone that spits at or cusses a soldier for what they do is the lowest POS in the world, and right now as I type this I am actually getting rather heated. This video is an eye-opener to all those that don't think what these brave people are doing is dangerouse.

And for the soldiers that get discouraged, CNN and all those other liberal media (oops I said it) jerks don't now CRAP. There are still so many Americans that support you and keep you in our prayers everyday. Please keep up the fight.

Again sorry for the serman and I apalogize if I brought this thread down, but damnit I get so upset.
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Thanks rk-2000-Z/28, we do it for you guys so you dont have to.
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wheres the sound?? yes was a very close encounter. i give all my respect i have to everyone that is over there
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God is great...Cause that **** was close as hell. I hope everyone was alright.

Love Yall
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Anyone know what codec is needed to view that video?
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Almost remindes me of the people that joined the ARMY and then 9/11 hit and they got sent over. Heard a lot of "I did not join to get shot at" I know people that got it just for the school benifits and all.

THanks guys for what you do.
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Originally Posted by JUICED96Z
Almost remindes me of the people that joined the ARMY and then 9/11 hit and they got sent over. Heard a lot of "I did not join to get shot at" I know people that got it just for the school benifits and all.

THanks guys for what you do.

Lets not go too overboard here. Not many people (and this goes for any branch) join because they plan on or want to get shot at. The US military is, and has been, advertising the armed forces as a way to get an education or money for an education so why would it be wrong for people to want to take advantage of that?

I know plenty of people who went in with the intention of getting an education out of it. Nothing wrong with that. Now IMO I think that someone should obviously know and understand that there are chances that they may be put in harms way at some point during those 4 years. And I think that they should be willing and proud to do that if it's asked. But there's nothing wrong with the main intention to be finance for an education.

It's like my recrutor told me- The Army is going to get what they want out you before you get want you want from them
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What the hell were they thinking? That definitely looked like a forward observer team that called in a 500lbs. bomb. No **** the blast is going to knock your *** over. The FO's in my unit complained about how a 100lbs. arty round felt from 200-300 yards and it would usually knock them over. Didn't look like too much shrapnel got up where they were, just the shockwave knocked them on their asses.
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Locked...this is an automotive multimedia section. Thanks
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